Sam & Max Return in The Devil’s Playhouse Remastered This August

Sam & Max: The Devils Playhouse, the third and final season of Telltale Games’ episodic point-and-click adventure series, is scheduled for a remastered release on August 14th this year.

The original Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse launched in 2010, concluding Telltale’s Sam & Max series which also includes Sam & Max: Save the World (2006) and Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space (2007).

About the Final Season

In their last outing under Telltale, the crime-fighting duo of Sam and Max, originally created by comic book artist Steve Purcell, confronts Eldritch gods, alien warlords, and more to control an ancient, otherworldly power.

About the Remaster

The remaster of Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse, initially expected in 2023 and now delayed to this year, is being developed by Skunkape Games. Skunkape Games acquired the rights to the series in 2018 after Telltale’s closure. The team includes many original developers of the series.

The official description states, “When Max stumbles upon a mysterious toy that allows him to glimpse the future, the Freelance Police unwittingly arouse the attention of a host of villains hellbent on acquiring the magical Toys of Power. To prevent the Devil’s Toybox from falling into the wrong hands, Sam & Max must face their most frightening adversary yet: the power of Max’s mind.”

Remaster Enhancements

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While specifics about the remastering process have been limited, it is anticipated that it will feature similar improvements to those seen in the remasters of Save the World and Beyond Time and Space. Expected enhancements include improved graphics and audio, dynamic lighting, refined character models more aligned with Steve Purcell’s original designs, new voice acting and camera work, new music by original composer Jared Emerson-Johnson, a new user interface, controller support, and additional updates.


Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse Remastered will be available on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC via Steam and GOG starting August 14th. Fans are hopeful that Skunkape Games will consider developing a new Sam & Max game next.

Wrapping Up

The remastered release of Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse marks an exciting opportunity for fans to revisit the iconic series with enhanced visuals and features.

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