Roland Emmerich’s Gladiator Epic Series ‘Those About to Die’ Trailer Unveiled

The fascination with Ancient Rome endures on screen with a new surge of Roman-themed content in movies and on TV in 2024. Notably, Ridley Scott returns with the anticipated “Gladiator 2”, and the hit TV show “The Boys” references Julius Caesar in its preface to its fourth season on Amazon. The latest addition to this trend is a TV series by director Roland Emmerich, known for world-ending blockbusters like “Independence Day” and “The Day After Tomorrow”. This series explores the brutality and glamour of gladiatorial arenas.

About the Show

Emmerich, who is notorious for cinematic spectacles on a grand scale, delves into the historical genre with this series. He demonstrates a similar knack for the theatrical in this series, although the format is an hour-long episode. The show, named “Those About To Die”, brings to life the decadence and diabolical politics of Ancient Rome with vivid detail. One cannot help but recall Russell Crowe’s famous “Are you not entertained?” line from “Gladiator” when watching this series.


The show throws light on the less glamorous aspects of Ancient Rome, particularly focusing on the Flavian dynasty and the “entertainment underbelly” of the era. Flavius Vespasian is brought to life by veteran actor Anthony Hopkins. He rules Rome amidst the power struggles between his sons, Titus, a military officer played by Tom Hughes, and Domitian, a shrewd politician portrayed by Jojo Macari. The story follows their battle for leadership, as well as Flavius’s attempts to save Rome from corruption through “bread and circuses” for the masses. All this is set against a backdrop of ruthless gladiatorial entertainment.

Main Cast

Anthony Hopkins takes the lead role in this series. The rest of the cast is just as versatile, with noteworthy performances expected from Tom Hughes, Jojo Macari, Moe Hashim, Johannes Haukur Johannesson, Rupert Penry-Jones, Iwan Rheon, Sara Martins, Gabriella Pession, Dimitri Leonidas, Gonçalo Almeida, Eneko Sagardoy, Romana Maggiora Vergano, Emilio Sakraya, David Wurawa, and Pepe Barroso.

Release Date

Expectations are high for the premiere of “Those About To Die”, with all 10 episodes of the first season due for release on July 18 on Peacock.

First Look

YouTube player

To whet the audience’s appetite, a teaser trailer has been released showcasing the thrilling battles and drama that the show has in store.

Wrapping Up

“Those About To Die” promises plenty of action, drama, and political intrigue set in Ancient Rome. The show is posed to deliver an exciting viewing experience with its impressive cast and gripping storyline. For more updates on latest series and films, check out HitPlay.

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