‘The Boys’ Season 4: Trailer Easter Eggs and All We Know

‘The Boys’ has maintained its reckless yet engaging plotline throughout its running span of five years. Launched as a product of the ingenious collaboration of Eric Kripke’s team and Garth Ennis’ substantial resource materials, the series has consistently served its audience with extraordinary visual treats and exciting twists.

Ever pertinent in its unique sarcastic interpretation of real-world issues, ‘The Boys’ has efficiently utilized the digital platform, producing a range of spinoff series like ‘The Boys: Mexico’, ‘Gen V’, and ‘Diabolical’. Season four of the series is all set to enthral viewers with the intensifying rivalry between Homelander and Billy Butcher, ventures of other superheroes, and a lot more to keep the anticipation brimming.

Anticipated Plot of Season Four

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Viewers who appreciated the spinoff ‘Gen V’ will find a seamless connection to the upcoming season. Although watching ‘Gen V’ will enhance the understanding, the absence will not impede comprehension. The plot unravels with an aftermath scene where Homelander lasered Marie comprises a facility with others under training.

As the sequence proceeds, their demotion to The Woods, Homelander turning The Seven into wrathful heroes, Kate, and Sam being assigned as “Guardians of Godolkin” are expected highlights of the storyline. New characters, Firecracker and Sister Sage, are poised to play compelling roles in the episodes ahead.

Furthermore, Butcher, whose disputes with Homelander are well-known, is shown planning to exploit knowledge about a Supe-killing virus to weaken Vought International. Ryan, Becca’s son, now allies with Homelander, further indicating possible confrontations.

Cast of the Fourth Season

Season four welcomes back most of its beloved characters. However, Queen Maeve’s absence will be felt as her character, played by Dominique McElligott, will not be returning. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who is no stranger to superhero enthusiasts due to his roles in ‘Supernatural’, is all set to join the show’s cast. His character is yet to be unveiled.

Two fresh characters, Sister Sage (Susan Heyward) and Firecracker (Valorie Curry), are expected to add more excitement to the fourth season. Other returning characters include Antony Starr (Homelander), Karl Urban (Billy Butcher), Jack Quaid (Hughie), amongst others.

Season Four Release Date

The release of the much-anticipated season is marked June 13. The season will roll out three episodes at a stretch, followed by regular weekly releases until July 18.

Season Four Official Trailer

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Every Easter Egg in The Boys Season 4 Trailer

The Boys season 4 trailer is out, and it’s brimming with outrageous moments, gory action, and Billy Butcher’s colorful language. The new teaser offers a glimpse into what promises to be a thrilling new season. Let’s break down every Easter egg, cameo, and surprise in the latest trailer.

Black Noir Returns

After meeting a grim fate in season 3, Black Noir is back, causing trouble for Butcher and his crew. But this may not be the same Black Noir we remember. Given what went down in the previous season, expect some twists around this mysterious character.

Gen V Cameos

With the new season picking up right after Gen V’s season 1 finale, it’s only fitting that some of the Godolkin University Supes make an appearance. Cate Dunlap and Sam Riordan are spotted in the background of a shot with A-Train. Are they potentially joining The Seven?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Mysterious Character

Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character remains unnamed, but the trailer offers clues about his role. “We need someone like you, Billy, before the Supes start rounding up us and dumping us in camps,” he says to Butcher. This suggests a previous connection between the two, with Morgan’s character likely being an old ally.

The Virus to Kill Supes

Billy Butcher’s master plan seems to involve a virus that can kill Supes. In the trailer, he appears in The Woods, presumably where he discovered this devastating weapon. Not everyone is on board with the idea, though, as Starlight warns, “This is insane and desperate, even for you.”

Justice for Ezekiel

During Firecracker’s speech on Vought News, intriguing graffiti in the background reads, “Justice for Ezekiel.” The last we heard of the Supe preacher was back in season 1 when he was alive and well. What could have happened since then? Fan theories are already circulating, with some pointing fingers at Starlight.

Supe Animals

The Boys won’t just be facing Supes this time but also genetically modified farmyard animals. The trailer shows bulletproof chickens and flying sheep, prompting Butcher to yell, “Run!” It seems like solid advice.

Homelander on Ice

In a bizarre twist, the trailer reveals a glimpse of Homelander ice skating. Could this be The Boys’ take on Marvel’s Rogers: The Musical? If so, we might just get a full musical sequence that could rival anything we’ve seen so far.

The Boys season 4 kicks off with a two-episode premiere on June 13. For more binge-worthy content, check out our guide to the best shows on Amazon Prime Video.

Wrapping Up

With the release of ‘The Boys’ Season four around the corner, enthusiastic fans wait in anticipation of a thrilling roller coaster ride. With its unique storyline, captivating characters, riveting plot arcs, the season promises to deliver another gripping experience. For more such engaging updates and to stream your favorite shows, visit HitPlay.

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