Jana Kramer Accuses Travis Kelce of Always Being Drunk

Jana Kramer, renowned for portraying Alex in the post-Chad Michael Murray seasons of ‘One Tree Hill,’ recently used her podcast as a platform to voice her thoughts on the relationship between public figures Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. Her remarks can be heard in the latest episode of ‘Whine Down With Jana Kramer.’

Jana Kramer Critiques the Celebrity Relationship

In the episode, Kramer vocally criticizes the couple’s union of late, denouncing it as “corny” and “cheesy.” Particularly, she censures Kelce for seemingly basking in the limelight he has received as a result of his association with Swift. Although Kelce had garnered a fair share of attention prior to this connection, Kramer, who also boasts a prosperous Hallmark movie career, seems to believe Swift’s stardom has escalated his presence considerably more.

Initial admiration for the couple turned to disapproval for Kramer as their relationship progressed. As quoted on her podcast, “I loved [them] at first but as it went on, honestly the Super Bowl thing rubbed me the wrong way. The aggression. And I’ve heard things that I just don’t love.”

Kramer’s Perception of Kelce

Kramer candidly expresses her impression of Kelce as constantly intoxicated. She bases this belief on her personal observation of his inebriated captured moments, often seen in his numerous video clips. Even though these instances do not warrant him being classified as perpetually drunk, Kramer finds it unsettling enough.

Despite her criticism, Kramer made it clear that she harbors no ill feelings towards the couple. Yet, she does express concern regarding Swift’s potential inclination to conform to Kelce’s lifestyle.

Current Pursuits of the Pair

Meanwhile, Kelce is supplementing his public persona by venturing into game show hosting. Concurrently, Swift is occupied restaging The Eras Tour in Europe, solidifying her wealth with new lucrative projects.

Wrapping Up

As personalities in the public eye, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship has been subjected to analysis and commentary by their peers and fans alike. Jana Kramer is one of the many who have voiced their opinions on their relationship. For more entertainment updates, check out HitPlay.

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