Live Nation and AEG in Bidding War for *NSYNC Reunion Stadium Tour

The resurgence of *NSYNC in the public eye over the past year has led to a potential bidding war between two of the biggest concert promoters, Live Nation and AEG, over a possible stadium tour. This development follows a series of appearances by the band that have reignited fan enthusiasm.

According to sources close to the matter, both Live Nation and AEG approached the members of *NSYNC a few weeks ago with proposals for a reunion tour. The interest from these promoters was sparked particularly after the band’s reunion for a song in the latest ‘Trolls’ movie, which received widespread fanfare.

Additionally, the group’s 2023 performance at the MTV VMAs and a surprise appearance during Justin Timberlake’s concert in Los Angeles this March further fueled the promoters’ interest. These events have demonstrated the enduring appeal of *NSYNC, suggesting that a reunion tour could successfully attract large audiences.

While specific financial details were not disclosed, it is understood that both Live Nation and AEG have presented compelling offers to the band. Currently, the members of *NSYNC are considering these proposals, but no decision has been made yet. If they agree to a reunion tour, it is anticipated to occur in 2025.

Lance Bass and Joey Fatone have publicly expressed their excitement about the possibility of reuniting, while Justin Timberlake remains busy with his own music career, including an album release and a tour scheduled to conclude in December 2024.

Wrapping Up

As *NSYNC contemplates their next steps, the potential for a 2025 reunion tour hangs in the balance, promising to deliver a nostalgic experience for fans and a significant event in the music industry. For continuous updates on this developing story, stay tuned to HitPlay.

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