Video of Keanu Reeves helping John Wick 4 crew goes viral

Keanu Reeves has received accolades for being a ‘gem of a person’ after a viral video of him assisting the crew in carrying equipment on the set of John Wick 4 made its way back online.

The 2021 video shows the leading actor carrying two containers of items upstairs at the location where the action movie was being filmed.

Since screenwriter Todd Spence shared the clip and the latest installment of the franchise premiered, it has garnered over 10.2 million views and 73,000 likes.

Keanu’s willingness to help left fans in awe, referring to him as a ‘gem’ and expressing the desire for more people like him in the world.

A Twitter user commented, ‘That’s the reason why he is still called a gem of a person.’

In the video, Keanu is praised for his kindness and willingness to help crew members on the set of John Wick 4. The footage, which was posted by Todd Spence, has accumulated more than 10.2 million views and 73,000 likes since its release. To show his appreciation for the stunt team on John Wick 4, Reeves reportedly gifted each of them a $9,150 engraved Rolex Submariner.

Another individual remarked, ‘We need more people like Keanu,’ while another chimed in, ‘Seriously, Keanu is an amazing, kind, gentle, great person.

‘Most celebrities would just sit in their trailer and wait to be served until their scene is ready.

‘He goes above and beyond, giving and doing more than any actor, even in a low-budget film, would be commended for.’

However, a different user pointed out that while Keanu’s actions should be the norm, they are not: ‘I worked in the film industry for a long time: it is not. Credit where credit is due. Keanu Reeves is doing a good thing.

‘Most A-list stars stay hidden in their trailers, waiting for the next personal assistant to score drugs.’

Not everyone appreciated the video, with some concerned that Keanu’s helpfulness might jeopardize the film’s production.

One critic said, ‘Old people always do this stuff, end up hurting themselves, and then someone else gets blamed.

‘Sit down, grandpa. Nobody wants to lose their job because of you.’

Another sarcastically wrote, ‘Everyone: A shining example against selfish Hollywood Ideals!’

While a third remarked, ‘Actors, please don’t do this lol,’ unenthusiastic about his helpful gesture.

In a recent interview, Keanu mentioned that John Wick is among his favorite roles, even surpassing his parts in Speed and the Matrix series.

‘It’s enjoyable to embody a character like John Wick,’ he shared.

He continued, ‘I think the film is truly epic, and I love playing the role. I love the John Wick universe.’

The Point Break actor also expressed his gratitude for people calling John Wick: Chapter 4 one of the greatest action movies ever, saying it’s ‘cool’ and ‘kind.’

Reeves has portrayed the hitman since the first John Wick film in 2014.

According to Keanu, playing John Wick demands ‘training before the training’ and ‘a John Wick toolbox.’

He revealed that he collaborates with the film’s stunt coordinator to master a blend of ‘judo, jiu-jitsu, and weapons manipulation,’ or gun fu, as it has become known.

When asked by Good Morning America’s Will Reeve if he feels his age while performing the demanding stunts, Keanu responded, ‘I’m not quite there yet,’ but acknowledged that the fourth John Wick film ‘got me closer.’

‘I’m definitely feeling the age,’ he admitted, adding that he’s ‘more experienced’ and thus ‘more efficient’ in executing the action sequences compared to when he first started.

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