Conan O’Brien’s Hot Ones is Probably its Best

The comedian, podcaster and longtime late-night host, Conan O’Brien, had an unforgettable interview on the season finale of the web series ‘Hot Ones.’ Known for his iconic wit, O’Brien, who had just made a triumphant return to “The Tonight Show,” took the hot sauce challenge to a new level.

Hot Wings, Hot Sauce – Hot Ones

“Hot Ones” is a unique web show where celebrities get interviewed while tasting chicken wings laced with varying intensities of hot sauce. Conan O’Brien, who admitted never having encountered a spicy food till later in life due to his Irish Catholic upbringing in Boston, seemingly gobbled up the wings slathered in spicy sauce as though they were ice cream.

Handling the Heat

“I don’t think there’s a wing here that I can’t eat like it’s ice cream. Seriously, I don’t think there’s a wing on this table that I cannot devour like it’s cool whipped cream!” boasted O’Brien. However, he swallowed his words, literally, when he tasted an extremely spicy hot sauce and resorted to shouting at the host, Sean Evans, affirming he was okay despite fumbling with the spice. His heated ordeal was witnessed by Twitter users who livetweeted the event.


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Conan brought his unique brand of humor to the show, leading to some unforgettable moments. Twitter users shared clips from the show, pointing out O’Brien’s comedic genius. Among the highlighted moments were Conan’s commentary on the flaws of certain platforms, and even mimicking some of his antics from his earlier shows.

Talk Show Insights

Apart from his antics, Conan shared some valuable experience from his time as a talk show host. He mentioned that the worst thing a guest could do on these shows is to accept that the show’s not going well. According to him, this confuses the audience who is otherwise enjoying the show.

Wrapping Up

Conan O’Brien’s amusing feat on ‘Hot Ones’ was a treat for his fans, making it one of the show’s best episodes to date. To watch the full episode, head over to HitPlay.

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