Wolf Creek Director Unveils VR Horror Film ‘Graveyard Smash’

Famed director Greg McLean, known for directing horror films such as Wolf Creek, Rogue, and the James Gunn-penned The Belko Experiment, is venturing into new creative terrain with his upcoming horror film, Graveyard Smash. The film is a collaboration with production companies Concourse Media and CinemaWays.

A Virtual Reality-Centered Plot

Graveyard Smash delves into the sub-genre of video-game-related horror movies with a unique twist of virtual reality. Deadline broke the news that the film’s narrative revolves around a virtual reality game where death in the game results in real-world death.

The plot synopsis tells about an anxious young woman who, alongside her three best pals, gets trapped inside a virtual reality game while searching for her missing sister. The game forces its players to navigate different horror genres to survive. The crucial and terrifying reveal is that dying within the game leads to an actual death. Consequently, the friends can do nothing but hack, slash, and battle, hoping to outsmart the evil mastermind manipulating the game.

Production Details and Statements from the Director

Gus Krieger, who penned Old Henry, is supplying the script for Graveyard Smash. Production is anticipated to commence shortly. Speaking about the project, McLean described Graveyard Smash as a tribute to the horror genre that has given him immense pleasure and terror. He expressed his excitement about working with Krieger and creating a narrative that blends gaming, nostalgia, technology, and the deep-rooted affinity of horror fans as a community.

In McLean’s words, Graveyard Smash will be a “horror roller coaster,” and he anticipates taking audiences worldwide on a thrilling and unforgettable ride.

Cast and Release Date

Despite the buzz around the production, there is yet no available information on the movie’s cast, and its release date remains unconfirmed.

Wrapping Up

As Gregory Mclean prepares to bring this unique video game horror movie to big screens, horror genre enthusiasts eagerly wait to experience this fresh spin on horror. Stay tuned for further news and updates regarding Graveyard Smash. For more recent movie news and updates, head over to HitPlay.

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