Dev Patel’s Directing in ‘Monkey Man’ Gets a Lot of Hype

British actor Dev Patel, who gained prominence from 2008’s Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire, has turned director with his new feature-length debut, Monkey Man. Launched in 2024, the movie has already been applauded by critics and fared well at the box office over the first weekend. Initial plans for direct-to-streaming release on Netflix were altered after Jordan Peele and Universal decided to release the film on the big screen.

A New Approach To The Revenge Genre

In Monkey Man, Dev Patel, who also took on the scriptwriting duties, masterfully elevates the time-honored trope of revenge stories. The straightforward narrative follows Patel’s character, named “Kid” seeking revenge against a corrupt police chief who killed his mother. Patel refreshingly deepens this plotline with a robust emotional core and a cultural perspective rooted in his Indian background.

Discussing Monkey Man with BBC, Patel highlighted the film’s commentary on socioeconomic issues prevalent in India. The film’s title and certain thematic elements derive from Hanuman, a protective deity from Hindu mythology.

Redefining Action Film Choreography

Monkey Man‘s approach to fight choreography sets it apart from other action films, notably the John Wick franchise. While some elements play homage to John Wick, Monkey Man is far from a simple imitation. Compared to the calculated execution of John Wick fights, Dev Patel orchestrates scenes in a brutally relentless style. Despite employing the shaky cam technique occasionally, the visuals effectively depict the violence in an immersive manner.

The protagonist’s journey from being a beatdown victim to becoming a hardened fighter is another crucial element of the film. This journey sets the stage for Kid’s relentless pursuit of justice.

The Future of Dev Patel’s Directorial Endeavors

With his directorial debut in Monkey Man, Dev Patel shows promise to join the league of legendary action-film directors. Regardless of whether he chooses to continue within this genre or explore others like horror or musical comedy, there’s no doubt that Patel’s versatility as a filmmaker will make his future projects highly anticipated.

Wrapping Up

Dev Patel has undoubtedly come a long way from an actor in the Skins to an inspirational figure for aspiring artists. Monkey Man, his debut feature as a director, proves his expertise in presenting a raw, culturally intertwined narrative layered with intense emotion.

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