Doctor Who’s Beatles Episode Has No Beatles Music?

British series, Doctor Who, known for its extensive run of over 50 years, plans to incorporate an unexplored sector of British culture-The Beatles. This famous science fiction show has played a pivotal role in the careers of actors like Matt Smith, James Corden, and Karen Gillan. Notably, the show has touched upon numerous themes during its long tenure; however, featuring an episode centered around the legendary Beatles has been an unexplored avenue, largely due to the steep price tag attached to the popular band’s track, like “Hey Jude.”

Working Around Music Copyright Laws

The Beatles’ inclusion in the Doctor Who is a venture that showrunner Russell T. Davies has found intriguing and challenging. He told Empire, that due to the high cost of the Beatles’ music copyrights, featuring their music on screen seemed improbable. Therefore, he decided to address this issue by envisioning a Beatles themed episode without incorporating Beatles music. The concept has its roots in the restrictions posed by copyright laws.

Return of the Showrunner with a Unique Concept

Davies, who took the reins of the show from 2005 to 2010 and recently returned for the latest season, has been actively working on this unique Beatles theme. The upcoming episodes will feature the most recent Doctor, Ncuti Gatwa, crossing paths with the Beatles. This innovative idea sprung to life thanks to a suggestion from Sam Arbor, a young director Davies has been mentoring. When Sam learned about Davies’s return to Doctor Who, he expressed his wish to time travel and witness the recording of the Beatles’ first album. Davies found this concept intriguing, and it encouraged him to incorporate it into the show.

Awaiting an Immersive Series Experience

The implementation of this Beatles theme in the series is awaited with bated breath. Doctor Who Season 14 is set to premiere on May 11 on Disney+. While audiences wait for the twist, they can experience an immersive connection by streaming the Beatles documentary, also available on Disney+.

Wrapping Up

In essence, an exciting amalgamation of iconic British pop culture is on the horizon as the classic series Doctor Who integrates with the legacy of The Beatles. The unique concept weaves around music copyright limitations and reinforces the creative flexibility of the series. Anticipation spikes as the premiere date draws near. To ensure you do not miss out on Doctor Who’s newest season, head to HitPlay.

(Via Empire)

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