Joshua Jackson Returns to Network TV on Ryan Murphy’s ABC Drama

Actor Joshua Jackson is making a return to network television after more than a decade. The 45-year old actor is reportedly part of a new ABC series titled “Dr. Odyssey”, conceived by renowned producer Ryan Murphy. However, details about the plot of “Dr. Odyssey” remain undisclosed.

Jackson will play the titular role in his first network television appearance since his portrayal of Peter Bishop in “Fringe”, which ended in 2013. Known to be a thrilling narrative aboard a cruise ship, other cast members of “Dr. Odyssey” are yet to be announced.

Ryan Murphy and The Production Team

Notably, Jackson will also serve as the executive producer for the series, alongside Jon Robin Baitz and Joe Baken. The trio has previously worked with Murphy on numerous occasions, creating shows like “American Horror Stories” and “Feud: Capote Vs. The Swans”. Presently, they are also engaged in developing a new Hulu legal drama featuring Kim Kardashian.

Joshua Jackson and His Medical Roles

Although he has enjoyed a significant break from network TV, Jackson is not a stranger to medical dramas. He lit up screens in 2021 as neurosurgeon Dr. Christopher Duntsch in season 1 of the Peacock limited docudrama “Dr. Death”.

The series, based on the 2018 Wondery podcast, recount the lives of doctors and the attorney involved in the judicial process of the actual Dr. Duntsch. Convicted for causing grievous harm to a patient, the real-life Duntsch was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2017.

Preparing for “Dr.Death”

Jackson, while talking about how he prepared for his role in “Dr. Death”, admitted that it was an intensely demanding experience. He noted that the magnitude of the project’s emotional weight only fully surfaced upon its completion, revealing how he had underestimated his capacity to disconnect from it.

Furthermore, in a 2022 interview with Variety, Jackson expressed his desire to play a less psychologically intense character in the medical genre after his stint on “Dr. Death”.

Wrapping Up

In addition to roles in “Fringe” and “Dr. Death”, Jackson’s celebrated career has seen him star in productions like “Little Fires Everywhere”, “The Affair”, “Fatal Attraction”, and “Dawson’s Creek”. For more updates on your favorite actors and their upcoming roles, visit HitPlay.

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