Culkin and Pascal’s Awards Season Faux-Feud Explained

Kieran Culkin and Pedro Pascal have arguably been the highlight of the 2024 award season, with their playful rivalry ruffling laughter and intrigue across social media channels. Both actors were pitted against each other for the Best Male Actor in a Drama Series category given their outstanding performances in the popular drama series, ‘Succession’ and ‘The Last of Us.’ This article takes a glance at their amusing feud at the award ceremonies and their friendly camaraderie off-stage.

A Faux Feud Kick-Starts at the Golden Globes

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Their playful rivalry got off to an amusing start at the Golden Globes earlier this year. Upon receiving the Best Actor award for his role in ‘Succession,’ Culkin directed a friendly jibe at Pascal, saying, “Suck it, Pedro. Sorry. Mine!” His statement incited laughter among the audience, including Pascal himself.

Emmy Awards Deepen the Friendly Rivalry

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During the Emmy Awards, the playful feud added another layer of hilarity. Pascal flaunted an arm sling at the event, attributing his injury humorously to Culkin by saying, “A lot of people have been asking about my arm… It’s actually my shoulder, and I think tonight is a perfect time to tell everyone that Kieran Culkin beat the shit out of me.” Both actors shared comedic moments throughout the evening, thoroughly engaging their fans.

Sundance Film Festival and a Plea for Niceness

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The friendly tussle continued at the Sundance Film Festival when Pascal requested Culkin to “just be nice to me.” Yet, the ‘Succession’ actor responded with a defiant, “No, I’ll do what I want.” showcasing their ongoing camaraderie.

The SAG Awards and a Vow for Revenge

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Pascal, after winning the SAG Award for the best male actor in a drama series, jokingly declared his vengeance plan as “I’m gonna make out with Kieran.” However, the duo clarified to the general public that this was, indeed, a joke!

A Friendship beneath the Rivalry

Despite their friendly rivalry at the award ceremonies, the duo has shared heartfelt moments of companionship and mutual respect. Pascal expressed his admiration for Culkin and recalled an incident when a then-fresher Culkin complimented Pascal’s theatre performance. Pascal confirmed their status as ‘besties’ in an interview, planning to celebrate their SAG wins together at after-parties.

Anticipation for Future Collabs

Fans following their amusing feud and delightful camaraderie are now hoping to see Pascal and Culkin star together in a project. Only time will tell where their friendly banter will lead.

Wrapping Up

The playful rivalry between Kieran Culkin and Pedro Pascal has been a fun ride, and their light-hearted camaraderie off-stage has proven entertainment has many shades, not all limited to the screen. Fans are eager to see where the Pascal-Culkin ‘feud’ will head next – maybe a joint project on the horizon? Keep binging your favorite shows and discover more exciting content on HitPlay.

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