Sydney Sweeney Gives Update on Anyone But You 2

Anyone But You has continued to cause stir among movie enthusiasts and critics alike, with expectations for a possible sequel gaining grounds. Sydney Sweeney, a star of the vibrant audience-loved flick hinted at likely follow-up discussions during an interview. As of yet, there are no concrete plans for a sequel, but Sweeney’s comments have certainly sparked interest among fans.

During the discussion, she revealed that the possibility of a sequel is still floating around. “We’ve been tossing around a bunch of different ideas,” Sweeney said, showing her enthusiasm for the project yet maintaining its speculative status. She further noted, “We just want to make sure that whatever we do gives the audience what they want and at the same time is new and exciting for us.”

Who’s behind the hit film, Anyone But You?

Anyone But You is a collaborative creation between Director Will Gluck and writer Ilana Wolpert. Gluck, celebrated for successfully directing several romantic comedies like Easy A and Friends with Benefits, as well as the Peter Rabbit films, co-wrote the screenplay for this film with Wolpert. The cast boasts of big names like Alexandra Shipp, GaTa, Dermot Mulroney, Rachel Griffiths, Michelle Hurd, Bryan Brown, Darren Barnet, and Hadley Robinson, aside from Sweeney and Powell who have taken the command.

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The movie plot revolves around Bea and Ben, who may seem like an ideal couple, but after a fantastic first date, their passionate attraction freezes over. The story unfolds as they find themselves unpredictably brought together again at an Australian destination wedding leading them to pretend as a couple.

The film enjoys the backing of executive producers like Sweeney herself, Natalie Sellers, Alyssa Altman, and Jacqueline Monetta. This is in addition to Gluck, Joe Roth, and Jeff Kirschenbaum who function as the producers on the project.

Wrapping Up

The mention of a potential sequel to the incredibly celebrated film, Anyone But You, provides excitement to both critics and fans alike. Whether these expectations that have been ignited result in reality still remains to be seen. For all things related to films, from reviews to news, visit HitPlay for the latest updates.

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