‘Squid Game’ Star Oh Yeong-su Found Guilty of Sexual Misconduct

Oh Yeong-su, a South Korean actor who shot to global fame with his role in Netflix’s 2021 breakout series “Squid Game,” is now facing serious legal repercussions. The actor has received a conviction for sexual misconduct which reportedly occurred in 2017. The court has suspended his eight-month jail sentence for two years and ordered him to undergo 40 hours of sexual violence treatment.

The Verdict

According to the judgement delivered by a Seongnam district court, the 79-year-old actor inappropriately touched a fellow actress, which included unwelcome hugging, hand-holding, and kissing on the cheek. These disturbing details emerged from different reports in the South Korean press.

Charges and Sentence

The case against Oh was initiated in November 2022 when the alleged victim pressed charges, capitalizing on the global attention that “Squid Game” was garnering. Apart from the suspended sentence, the court has mandated that Oh completes a sexual violence treatment program spanning 40 hours.

Consistent Testimonies

The authorities found the content of the victim’s journal consistent with her counseling sessions after the incident, strengthening her claim. The Suwon District Court’s Seongnam branch noted in its statement that her testimonies wouldn’t have been possible without living through the experience. As per local sources, Oh is planning to challenge this verdict.

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Oh Yeong-su’s Career and the Impact of the Case

Over his 50-year acting career, Oh has thrilled audiences with over 200 stage plays and various TV series and films. His role as Oh Il-nam in “Squid Game” brought him unexpected international recognition. He portrayed a seemingly out-of-place old man participating in the show’s deadly game driven by greed. His captivating performance in this role won him South Korea’s first Golden Globe Award for the best supporting actor in a series, miniseries, or television film and even a Primetime Emmy nomination. Whether or not Oh will return for the much-awaited second season of “Squid Game” has not been confirmed by Netflix.

The Indictment

Oh was indicted by Korean prosecutors in November 2022, accused of inappropriate physical contact with a younger actress during a play tour five years ago. The police report suggests that Oh attempted to forcefully hug the unidentified woman and kissed her cheek while they were out for a walk. Oh publicly admitted to holding the woman’s hand but denied any indecent assault. The case was initially dropped in 2021 due to insufficient evidence, but it was reopened after an appeal from the woman.

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Wrapping Up

Sexual misconduct allegations are never to be taken lightly, even more so in the entertainment industry that is already working towards improving its stand on such issues. Oh Yeong-su’s case serves as a crucial reminder to uphold respect, consent, and professional behavior in all spheres of life. For more on-the-spot entertainment news and film reviews, visit HitPlay.

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