Benedict Cumberbatch Discusses ‘Eric’ Series, Puppeteer Role on Netflix

Benedict Cumberbatch, best known for his diverse roles in film and television, has expressed deep emotion about his latest project. The forthcoming Netflix series “Eric,” in which he plays alongside a unique co-star – a large blue monster puppet, has struck a chord with the actor, who shared his experience recently in London.

A Unique Co-Star

Cumberbatch lauded the puppetry team led by Olly who brought the monster puppet to life. He claimed that the combination of expert craftsmanship and comedic nuance created a truly unique and delightful character. Upon realizing the intricacies of puppet operation, Cumberbatch admitted to being moved to tears by the level of dedication and innovation applied.

The Magic Behind Puppet Performance

The process behind manipulating the blue monster puppet was explained to Cumberbatch. It involved the puppeteer seeing the stage from multiple static camera points, delivering an performance and navigating the space without seeing it directly. Cumberbatch referred to the setup and the skill required as “miraculous” and spoke warmly about his bond with the puppet and its operators.

Insight Into ‘Eric’

Set in the 1980s, “Eric” is an emotional thriller from creator Abi Morgan. Netflix describes the show as following a distraught father, Vincent (Cumberbatch), as he desperately searches for his missing son, Edgar. Vincent, a leading puppeteer, clings on to his son’s drawings of a blue monster puppet – Eric. The father imagines that getting Eric on TV might provide a beacon for his lost son, as his behavior becomes progressively more volatile.

Engaging Real-World Issues

Cumberbatch discussed the real-world problems that “Eric” tackles such as parenthood, marriage, mental health and societal issues, the latter including racism, homophobia and the AIDS pandemic. Despite these heavy topics, the actor assured that the series doesn’t force the issues but rather presents a relatable world fraught with familiar challenges.

Wrapping Up

The series “Eric”, a drama filled with emotional gravity, realistic themes and a big blue puppet, is an anxious wait for Cumberbatch’s fans and series enthusiasts. It is set to stream later this year on Netflix and promises to be a roller coaster ride of emotions and revelations. Interested viewers can enjoy such exceptional content on HitPlay.

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