Carey Mulligan Swept Off Her Feet by Husband Marcus Mumford

On the 2024 Oscars night, we swooned over many celebrity couples, including Alba Baptista and Chris Evans and the enduring duo, Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey. The lovers’ walk on the red carpet and the heartfelt moments they shared won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Another couple that warmed our hearts, Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford, were also in attendance and proved why they are one of the most adored celebrity couples.

The Oscars provided a fantastic platform for Mulligan and Mumford to sparkle. Dressed in an elegant black mermaid gown from Balenciaga, Mulligan looked ravishing. The evening was more of a romantic date night for the couple, and they were dressed to the nines.

An Adorable Gesture


♬ I’m Just Ken (In My Feelings Acoustic) – Ryan Gosling & Mark Ronson

By the end of the night, Mulligan’s feet seemed to have given up, and her doting husband sprung into action and carried her home. This adorable gesture was caught on camera and was shared in aTikTok clip. In the video, we see Mumford, the acclaimed vocalist from Mumford and Sons, carrying Mulligan down a hallway while she laughs and chats with passers-by. The background tune is the memorable “I’m Just Ken,” performed by Ryan Gosling earlier during the evening.

Love is in the Air

Fans who have admired the couple’s relationship since they got married in 2012 and their three children shared their admiration for this chivalrous move. Compliments flowed: “Who said chivalry is dead?! ” and “Fine, I’ll believe love isn’t dead” are some reactions that prove how much fans adore this couple.

Prior to their heartwarming Oscars moment, Mulligan opened up about her love story with Mumford during an episode of the Smartless podcast. She revealed that they were childhood friends and had attended the same camp. Sharing a fond memory, Mulligan mentioned how she noted in her diary that Mumford was ‘the nicest and kindest person’ she had ever met, rating him a 9.5 out of 10. We bet that Mumford’s Oscars night gesture has certainly bumped his score to a full 10!

Wrapping Up

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