Bradley Cooper Makes Cameo on ‘Abbott Elementary’ Right After The Oscars

Despite leaving the 2024 Oscars without any awards, Bradley Cooper, best actor nominee for Maestro, got a chance to shine on the small screen. The actor appeared in a cameo role on an episode of the popular television show, Abbott Elementary, which aired immediately after the Oscar ceremony.

Bradley Cooper’s Self-Deprecating Cameo

Known for the biopic Maestro, which although nominated for seven Academy Awards didn’t bag any, Bradley’s appearance on ABC’s award-winning hit comedy comes as a self-deprecating gesture. Cooper, in the episode’s opening moments, visits the titular school accompanied by a second-grader friend. However, the class fails to recognize him, making for an amusing scene.

The Misidentified Star

With a mix-up in movies and misplaced recognition, the actor’s presence brings a blend of humor to the show. “Oh, I just loved you in The Holdovers. It was so heartwarming,” says Barbara, confusing him with Paul Giamatti, another Best Actor nominee this year. His real claim to fame, The Hangover, is corrected by Gregory, and later, Janine reminds everyone of his current critically acclaimed film.

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An Entertaining Exchange

In a playful turn of events, Cooper clarifies to the group that he was not in the Oscar-winning movie, Oppenheimer. However, he’s questioned on it by Ava who amusingly states, “Are you sure? Everybody was in Oppenheimer.”

Revisiting Roots

Despite the light-hearted teasing, Cooper, who besides being the lead actor, directed and produced Maestro, then nostalgically references his Pennsylvania origins. “Whenever I’m in Philly, the deli across the street is my first stop,” he discloses. “My dad used to always take me there. They have the best hoagies in the city.”

Fame Under Scrutiny

The talk of fame continues as one of the students asks, “If you’re famous, are you in Spider Man?” Cooper says that he is not part of that franchise, but voices Rocket Racoon in Guardians of the Galaxy. However, his voice role does not convince Mr. Johnson, the school custodian.

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The Episode Takes a Twist

Despite his captivating cameo, the rest of the episode examines whether the Abbott Elementary school’s founder, Willard R. Abbott, was racist once the school is nominated for historical landmark status.

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A Blend of Famous Guest Stars

The co-showrunners of Abbott Elementary, Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker, expressed that numerous renowned personalities are eager to appear on the show. However, they maintain that guest roles should fit within the world of the comedy set in Philly.

Abbott Elementary’s Success

Since its debut in 2021, Abbott Elementary has been a breakout hit for ABC. It has earned 15 Primetime Emmy Award nominations and won four, including Best Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for Quinta Brunson. In 2023, the show also bagged three Golden Globe Awards, including for Best Musical or Comedy Series.

Wrapping Up

Despite an unexpected outcome at the 2024 Oscars, Bradley Cooper managed to bring a touch of lighthearted humor to the small screen. His guest appearance on Abbott Elementary added further charm to the series. If you’re a fan of Bradley Cooper or just love a good comedy, be sure to check out Abbott Elementary on HitPlay.

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