Robert De Niro Urges Voting for Biden to Avoid ‘Nightmare’

In a recent episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, celebrated actor Robert De Niro shared his insights on his longstanding career, disclosed a film project he missed, and voiced his political viewpoint regarding the upcoming 2024 election.

De Niro’s Political Opinion

Commencing his appearance, De Niro gave his reaction to the Republican response to President Biden’s State of Union address, specifically critiquing Sen. Katie Britt’s statements against the president and his administration’s strategies. The esteemed actor did not hold back, questioning the choice of spokesperson and deeming the delivery “lame.” Furthermore, De Niro did not hide his concerns about the prospective rematch between Biden and Trump.

The Killers of the Flower Moon actor urged citizens to make a wise choice for the future, advocating that while a vote for Trump would lead to a “nightmare,” a vote for Biden would bring back normalcy. De Niro expressed his deep-seated apprehension about a potential Trump presidency, terming him a “total monster” and a “mean, nasty, hateful person.”

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Refusal to Play Trump

De Niro also interestingly mentioned that he would “never” portray Trump in any acting capacity as he doesn’t find anything redeemable about him. As one of the most revered actors in the film industry, De Niro’s refusal to play Trump is noteworthy, setting a strong statement about his political stance.

Biden: The Country’s Representative

Towards the conclusion of his conversation, De Niro emphasized his support for President Biden, stating that Biden accurately embodies what the country stands for. Amidst recent concerns and discussions around Biden’s advancing age, De Niro, who is of similar age to Biden, shared his philosophy of staying active and busy in Hollywood, lest one “atrophy” and “dry up.”

Iconic Roles and Missed Opportunities

With a career spanning multiple decades, featuring breakout roles in Bang the Drum Slowly, Mean Streets, and a string of exceptional performances under the direction of Martin Scorsese, De Niro is undoubtedly a seasoned actor. However, he revealed that he had the opportunity to star in the critically acclaimed film, The Silence of the Lambs, filling in the monumental role of Dr. Hannibal Lecter, which ultimately went to Anthony Hopkins. According to De Niro, while he does not regret it, the lost opportunity was due to his prolonged indecisiveness.

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Wrapping Up

Robert De Niro’s remarkable career insights, missed project opportunities, and strong political opinions certainly made for an engaging episode of Real Time with Bill Maher. Delving deeper into the world of film and television has never been easier with platforms like HitPlay. Explore today and fill your watchlist with critically acclaimed series and films.

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