Kevin Costner Finds New Love With Jewel Post-Divorce

Despite a difficult divorce from Christine Baumgartner, 69-year-old actor Kevin Costner is looking forward to the next chapter of his life, which notably includes his newfound romance with singer, Jewel. The couple was first seen together at a charity event on Richard Branson’s Necker Island in December.

Jewel Revives Costner’s Optimism

Although the divorce was challenging, Costner remains optimistic according to someone close to him. The source informed that the actor is getting back to work and is enjoying his surprise romance with the 49-year-old musician, Jewel. It is hinted that Costner is even considering remarriage.

New Relationship after Uncertain Times

The insider claimed Jewel’s simplicity and disinterest in materialistic luxuries has been refreshing for Costner. Friends are advising him to pursue this relationship slowly, considering the harrowing end of Costner’s marriage to Baumgartner. Everyone around him, as per reports, are simply delighted that he’s happy.

Unsettled Divorce Controversies

The split between Costner and his ex-wife created quite a buzz when she attempted to challenge a prenuptial agreement she signed before their 2004 wedding. Moreover, rumors about her alleged affair with a former neighbor and current boyfriend, Josh Connor added fuel to the fire. These rumors were however rejected by Baugmartner.

Costner’s Upcoming Projects and Co-Parenting

With the divorce drama behind him, Costner is now focusing on co-parenting his three children and preparing for his upcoming four-part movie franchise, Horizon: An American Saga, set to be released this summer. This marks a new beginning for the actor who wants to move on from the past.

Wrapping Up

Celebrities, like everyone else, go through ups and downs in their personal lives. Despite difficult times, they find ways to bounce back and continue with their journey, just like Kevin Costner. For more entertaining stories and updates, head to HitPlay.

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