Kate Middleton’s Uncle Slams Meghan Markle on Celebrity Big Brother

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has largely refrained from public comment about her relationship with Meghan Markle since the latter’s departure from the royal family alongside Prince Harry. However, another member of Middleton’s family has broken the silence.

Middleton’s uncle, Gary Goldsmith, has openly shared his views on Markle’s tenure in the royal family and her subsequent departure. Goldsmith shared these sentiments during a recent episode of U.K.’s Celebrity Big Brother, which he joined earlier in the week.

Goldsmith, who is Kate Middleton’s mother’s younger brother, was not reticent about his thoughts on the royal family, including his niece. He praised Prince William and Kate Middleton as the “saviors” of the royal family, commended King Charles for his exceptional leadership since taking over the throne, but expressed disappointment over Harry and Meghan’s actions.

King Charles III opts for transparency while Prince William and Kate Middleton reportedly maintain a “never explain” stance, leading to a PR challenge for the monarchy.

Goldsmith claimed that the former trio – Kate, William and Harry – were comfortable and massively loved until Meghan entered. He expressed his dissatisfaction with how Harry and Meghan exacerbated internal drama, rewriting their royal history and unfairly portraying happiness levels within the royal family.

“In a dramatic style, they threw their family under the bus, wrote books about it, and yet expect to be invited home for Christmas,” Goldsmith added. His participation in the reality TV show has elicited criticism due to his past marital troubles that involved domestic violence.

In addition to his views on the royal family, Goldsmith also commented on Kate Middleton’s health following her recent abdominal surgery. He assured that his niece is receiving top-quality care and that the entire family has come together to support her during her recovery.

As an unwritten code of etiquette, he refrained from talking about her health unless announced officially. He confidently stated that Kate is getting the best possible care and confirmed that the family is prioritizing her health above anything else. They are all prepared to see her fully healed by Easter.

Wrapping Up

Despite the differences, tensions, and past troubles, it appears that the royal family members value unity in times of crisis. Moments like these can often put family feuds into perspective. For more insights and updates about the royal family, head over to HitPlay.

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