Rocket League Season 14 Live: Expectations and Highlights

Rocket League’s 14th season is here with an underwater-themed twist. The fresh action takes players under the sea with new cars, a new arena variant, and several items that match this season’s theme. The arena variant, AquaDome (Salty Shallows), is located closer to the surface, offering a laid-back vibe and an accompanying musical enhancement. Equally exciting is the inclusion of several new lofi tracks from artists Angara, Bound to Divide, Dani Demand, among others. The season’s theme song “Ghost,” produced by Monstercat artist, Direct, is also featured in the promotional trailer.

Premium Upgrades in Rocket League Season 14

Those who choose to purchase the Rocket Pass Premium for this season will unlock the Admiral Car Body upon purchase, which uses the Dominus hitbox. A second unlock, the Mako Car Body with the Breakout hitbox, awaits players as they progress through the tiers. As mentioned on the official Rocket League website, there are plans to enable cross-game ownership between Rocket League and Fortnite for these Car Bodies in the future.

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Premium pass owners will also gain access to a myriad of other nautical-themed rewards. These include a Snorkel Mask Topper, Scale-Veil Decal, and unique Goal Explosions such as Atlantis and Tidal Rave. With over 70 tiers encompassing both free and premium tracks, this season promises plenty of aquatic exploits for the players.

Reception to Rocket League Season 14

Despite these new features, the initial response to Rocket League’s new season has been largely lukewarm. Fans have expressed their dissatisfaction on Twitter and YouTube, mainly voicing their wish for more new content rather than revisions of existing elements. The revamped map, in particular, has drawn criticism for its lack of originality, with many fans accusing the developers of simply recycling content.

Nonetheless, not all are opposed to the new changes. Certain players find the beachfront map with lofi music soothing, suggesting it may garner more appreciation over time. Still, it’s evident that the player community is yearning for more innovative content. This feedback offers useful insights for Psyonix and Epic Games as they plan for future seasons.

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Wrapping Up

With the new Rocket League season ushering in a fresh ambiance, it remains to be seen how it will fare among the devoted player community. Whichever camp you fall into, whether you love the nautical theme or yearn for more original content, there’s no denying the anticipation surrounding it. Take a plunge into the action by visiting HitPlay.

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