Dune 3 in Development After Box Office Triumph of Dune 2

The recent success of the sci-fi epic, Dune 2, which raked in a whopping $82.5 million on its opening weekend, has sparked a positive buzz around the possibility of a third film in the franchise. In an update that fans will be thrilled about, Legendary CEO, Josh Grode, suggested that the production of Dune 3, or Dune Messiah, would be a sure thing provided that the script is impressive. Director Denis Villeneuve and his team have been encouraged to deliver an enticing screenplay.

Further, Zendaya, who graces the screen as Chani in the movie, expressed her readiness to be a part of the third installment. However, she insists she would only proceed once Denis Villeneuve is ready to set the project in motion.

Josh Grode Supports Dune 3 If The Script Is Gratifying

In an interview with CNBC, Legendary CEO, Josh Grode, highlighted the prerequisite of a high-quality script for Dune 3. He underlined the significance of having “all creative stakeholders aligned” and supporting the vision of the project. Grode believes that there would be no objections towards proceeding with Dune 3 as long as director Villeneuve provides an impactful script.

Zendaya Stands Ready for Dune 3

Regarding her willingness to return for a third movie, Zendaya confessed her eagerness and commitment to the project. Her decision hangs on Denis Villeneuve’s readiness to bring Dune 3 or Dune Messiah to the movie screens.

Denis Villeneuve’s Stance on Dune 3

Denis Villeneuve, who made a name for himself with the first two adaptations from the Dune series of six novels by Frank Herbert, previously admitted his reluctance towards rushing the third film. He has maintained this stance, insisting that the screenplay has to be “tremendous” for him to consider directing Dune Messiah.

Dune: Part Two’s Resounding Success

Dune: Part Two made a spectacular box office debut, earning $82.5 million domestically and totaling $182.5 million in global collection. The film garnered critical acclaim, with a 93 percent approval score on Rotten Tomatoes from critics and an impressive 95 percent audience score. Combined with an “A” CinemaScore from audience reviews, these achievements are expected to boost the film’s success in the coming weeks. IMAX pre-sales are doing exceptionally well, and the film is increasingly gaining the favor of younger audiences.

Wrapping Up

Dune: Part Two continues to pull in crowds, delivering an immersive cinematic experience. With rumors of a third installment in the franchise, fans are eager to see what unfolds in the dunes next. Get ready for more thrilling adventures and head over to HitPlay for all the latest updates on Dune 3 and more.

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