Dick Wolf Producing Two True-Crime Series for Netflix

Prominent producer Dick Wolf, best known for his work on shows like Law & Order, FBI, and the Chicago series, is set to stream his next two shows on Netflix. The two new true-crime documentary series, Homicide: New York and Homicide: Los Angeles, will focus on several notorious murder cases in these respective cities. Breaking away from his long-standing relationship with NBCUniversal, Wolf is joining forces with Alfred Street Industries, run by Dan Cutforth, and Jane Lipsitz.

Wolf’s Continued Relationship with NBCUniversal and New Ventures

Despite his new venture with Netflix, Dick Wolf and his company Wolf Entertainment remain contractually obligated to NBCUniversal until 2027. Amidst his duties with NBC, Wolf will executive produce the two new true-crime series examining infamous murder cases in New York and Los Angeles.

Homicide: New York and Homicide: Los Angeles: What to Expect?

The first of the two series, Homicide: New York, set to premiere on March 20, is described to “bring to life five of New York’s most notorious murder cases by following the detectives and prosecutors that cracked them.” Expect to see in-depth interviews with the individuals involved in the cases, as well as some re-enactments. The second series, Homicide: Los Angeles, is slated to premiere later this year.

Wolf’s Unscripted Series and his Collaborators

Wolf Entertainment has previously ventured into the realm of unscripted series, producing shows like Cold Justice on Oxygen, Nightwatch on A&E, and L.A. Fire and Rescue on NBC. Collaborating with Wolf on these new Netflix ventures are Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz, known for their reality television work on Project Runway and Top Chef. Forming Alfred Street Industries in 2019, they are lending their expertise to the project.

Executive Producers of Homicide: New York and Homicide: Los Angeles

The upcoming projects will be collectively executive produced by Dick Wolf, Tom Thayer from Wolf Entertainment, Jane Lipsitz, Dan Cutforth, Nan Strait, Dan Volpe, and Adam Kassen, all bringing their unique expertise to create engaging and captivating content.

Wrapping Up

Dick Wolf’s new venture with Netflix promises to deliver riveting true-crime content with Homicide: New York and Homicide: Los Angeles. Sharing his expertise and partnering with seasoned professionals in the field, we can anticipate these series to uphold the high-quality storytelling that Wolf is renowned for. For exclusive access to these shows and much more, sign up for HitPlay.

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