Margot Robbie Stuns in Bold Pink and Black Dress at SAG Awards

The Barbiecore fashion aesthetic has been rising in popularity since the release of “Barbie” in theatres, with pink tones dominating the wardrobes of many individuals. Among the avid adopters of this trend is Hollywood star, Margot Robbie, who has been showcasing this fashion style consistently since the movie’s press tour. The actress has been skillfully incorporating black into her iconic pink-centric outfits, most notably seen at the SAG awards.

Margot Robbie Embraces Barbiecore Aesthetic

During the movie’s press tour, Robbie began incorporating pink, synonymous with her character in “Barbie,” into her wardrobe. More recently, she gave the Barbiecore style her own unique twist by pairing it with darker tones. Her presence at the SAG Awards highlighted this fresh approach, where she sported a dramatic black and pink ensemble with a bold silhouette.

At the BAFTA Awards, Robbie was the epitome of Hollywood glamour, wearing a pink and black gown by Giorgio Armani Priv√©, reminiscent of her famous character from “Barbie”. She continued this trend at the SAG Awards, wearing a stunning Schiaparelli couture LBD, accentuated by a flamboyant pink sash.

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Although Robbie may not have bagged the award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role, her impactful fashion moment on the red carpet, echoing the Barbiecore style, captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts and followers globally.

Evolving Barbiecore Style

Robbie’s latest style evolution doesn’t mean she’s saying goodbye to the pink hues that hallmark the Barbiecore aesthetic. Instead, she’s choosing to incorporate more black into her wardrobe, experimenting with other popular trends such as the sheer black corset, which she wore at the Saltburn premiere.

That said, fans need not worry as Robbie continues to honour her character’s signature pink at significant events, such as the reunion with her co-stars and during her Golden Globe red carpet appearance.

Robbie’s Performance and Barbie’s Impact

Despite being lauded as one of Margot Robbie’s best performances, “Barbie” did not earn her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress. However, the film itself remains in the running for several other prestigious awards such as Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress.

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If you’re a fan of Robbie’s in the film, or wish to see the creative array of pink outfits she donned, you can stream “Barbie” now with a HitPlay app subscription. Fashion enthusiasts inspired by the Barbiecore aesthetic portrayed in the film might also enjoy shopping for their own Barbiecore looks. Furthermore, don’t forget to check out the 2024 movie calendar on HitPlay for more upcoming movie releases.

Wrapping Up

From celebrating the Barbiecore aesthetic to evolving it with her own unique touches, Margot Robbie continues to leave her mark in the fashion world. As she continues to experiment and push boundaries, we look forward to seeing more of her style evolution. Now, are you ready to embrace the Barbiecore trend? Explore your options and build your own wardrobe inspired by this popular movement on HitPlay.