Shane Gillis Grapples With Monologue Jokes in ‘SNL’ Promo

Shane Gillis, a popular comedian who is set to host an upcoming episode of NBC’s sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live, is having trouble delivering his jokes without a hitch. This comes to light through a promo prepared for his hosting debut in which he’s seen workshopping his jokes with fellow SNL cast members Marcello Hernández and Sarah Sherman. His attempts fall flat in the face of their uninspired reactions, making a question mark of his stage-ready humour.

Workshopping Jokes

In the promotional video, Gillis is seen presenting some of his planned jokes for the show. One includes a quip about an Amish wedding and another a pun about the new Planet of the Apes film, neither of which seem to ignite much laughter. The video also shows him trying to liven things up with a crowd work element, playfully inquiring if certain audience members were dating.

Gillis’s Stage Fright

“You guys ever seen a horse and it’s like… [cue horse impression],” Gillis goes on, concluding his lineup of jokes. Despite his efforts, there is evident discomfort, most apparent in his following statement, “Gosh, it’s nice to be dating someone. I’ve been alone for a while.” A telling awkward pause follows.

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Saturday Night Live Promo

In a separate SNL promo released later, Gillis is featured beside musical guest 21 Savage and comedian Kenan Thompson. In one segment, Thompson questions Gillis’s choice to wear black sunglasses identical to 21 Savage’s. Gillis, however, brushes it off, claiming they are just cool sunglasses.

Controversial History

It’s worth noting that Gillis’s hosting gig comes after he was controversially fired from SNL in 2019. His dismissal was a result of past racial and homophobic slurs from a podcast, which came to surface shortly after he was cast on the sketch comedy show.

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Wrapping Up

Promising raw comedy and music, this episode of SNL is sure to draw viewers. We might get to see Gillis in a new light as he takes on this hosting debut. If you are looking forward to more information and updates about film and television shows, visit the HitPlay website.