Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game Transitions to New Dev Team

The popular asymmetrical horror game, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, will soon be transitioned to a new developer. Sumo Nottingham, the current development studio of the game, recently announced their plan to stop working on the game. It remains unclear when this will occur, but the team has indicated that they will wrap up their work “shortly.” However, loyal players of the game can breathe a sigh of relief as work on the title will continue under a different developer. This yet-to-be-named developer will be announced by Gun Interactive, the game’s publisher, at a later date.

Unexpected Developers Transition

The news of a developer transition surprised many players and followers of the game, particularly because it hasn’t been a year since the game was launched. The transition from one developer to another in such a short span is quite unusual. However, it’s noteworthy that this hasn’t halted the ongoing work on the game. Since its release last August, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has received numerous updates, with the most recent one rolled out this month. The latest DLC for the game was also released this week.

Sumo Nottingham in a recent tweet said, “The Sumo Nottingham team will shortly be hanging up their chainsaws and traps as their work on The Texas Chain Saw Massacre comes to an end. We’d like to thank Gun Interactive for being fantastic partners for the last four years, and for giving our horror-loving team the opportunity to sink their meat hooks into this iconic title.”

Next Steps for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Amid this change in developers, several questions have arisen. Why is Sumo Nottingham leaving the project? Was this move predesigned ever since the game’s launch, or is it a spontaneous decision? Most importantly, who will carry forward the work on the game?

While some of these queries might be easier to answer than others, some answers are expected to roll out next week. In response to a Twitter user who inquired about the new developer, Gun Interactive responded, “We’ll talk about the future next week but should be focusing on the work Sumo Nottingham has already done, for now.”

The game’s publisher also reassured players that this transition will not affect the game’s support, content, or longevity. This scenario somewhat mirrors what happened with Friday the 13th: The Game, another game published by Gun Interactive. Initially developed by IllFonic, it was handed over to Black Tower Studios when new content delivery was halted.

Wrapping Up

Even with the curiosities surrounding the recent development, it is clear that The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will continue to evolve under a new developer. As fans of the horror genre look forward to more updates and exciting features, it will be fascinating to see how this transition phase will shape the game’s future. For updates about games and the latest news in the gaming industry, check out HitPlay.

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