Ballerina Star Discusses Delay of John Wick Spinoff

The fate of the highly acclaimed character of John Wick, played by none other than Keanu Reeves, appears uncertain. Fans reckoned they had witnessed the conclusive ending for their beloved character in the John Wick: Chapter 4, however, whispers in the corridors of Hollywood suggest that the making of John Wick: Chapter 5 might well in the pipeline. Despite the ambiguity surrounding John Wick’s character, the franchise shows little signs of slowing down.

Ballerina Spinoff Delayed by a Year

The continuity of the franchise is evident from the spinoff movie Ballerina. However, recent developments indicate that the release of this film is delayed for an entire year. This came to be known when Ian McShane, who will feature in the John Wick spinoff, was a guest on The One Show. Via Twitter, McShane elaborated on why the film got shifted from its 2024 release date. In no uncertain terms, he stated that Ballerina, in its current form, falls short of meeting the franchise’s high-quality mark.

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Ballerina: Protecting the John Wick Legacy

McShane disclosed that the team behind Ballerina has decided to resume shooting, not for a reshoot but new content altogether. Given the involvement of Keanu Reeves and how the plot is set to unfold between the events of John Wick 3 and 4, the producers are keen to ensure that any lack in quality would not mar the reputation of the iconic franchise. The shooting team, led by Chad Stahelski who also directed all John Wick films, is working in overdrive to uplift the quality of the movie.

The Reason Behind The Delay

Despite McShane’s disclosure, he stayed mum on the specific aspects of the film that need improvement. It is plausible that tweaks in the storyline or enhancing the action-packed sequences to align with the John Wick’s high bar are the areas where trouble lies. Until now, there had been no overt signs of any issues with the movie.

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Views of the Director

Len Wiseman, the director of Ballerina, narrated his experiences with the film last fall. He seemed exuberant about the film and labeled it as “really fun.” However, he did confess that the film was “on pause” after the director’s cut was edited. One could believe that the pause was the studio’s strategic move to improve the film.

The Continental’s Impact on Ballerina

When one of the hosts brought up The Continental, the limited series, Ian McShane appeared reluctant to discuss further. The Continental, accessible with a Peacock subscription, did not garner as many praises and it could be a logical conclusion that the underwhelming response to the series indirectly put pressure on the producers of Ballerina to give it special attention.

Looking On The Bright Side

While the push back of Ballerina’s release date might not sound like the best news, fans will be hoping for an outcome that makes the wait worthwhile. It is indeed favorable for the franchise that resources are being harnessed not just to wrap up the film hastily, but to create the “best version” of what has already been shot.

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Wrapping Up

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