Jenny Slate Talks 2023 Oscars Wardrobe Malfunction After She ‘Split’ Her Dress

On her successful journey as an actress and comedian, Jenny Slate had an exciting year in 2022. She starred in two successful films from the A24 catalog, “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On” and “Everything Everywhere All At Once.” Last year’s Oscars night was especially memorable for the SNL alum, not just for her professional accomplishments, but for an unforgettable wardrobe mishap involving her dress.

Jenny Slate’s Oscars Dress Adventure

Jenny Slate didn’t just look stunning at the 95th Annual Academy Awards; she also had a rather amusing story to share about her Thom Browne jet-black, top-corseted dress. On a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live, Slate regaled audiences with her hilarious account of being sewn into the black dress ‘like a living doll’ and standing throughout the whole journey because sitting might ruin the dress.

She narrated her hilarious sprinter van ride to the Oscars, standing upright in a stilted position and supported by her husband and stylist on the sides. Despite the challenging conditions, Jenny gamely kept her spirits high, excitedly anticipating the arrival at the Oscars venue.

The Oscars Journey and Wardrobe Mishap

Arriving at the wrong venue, The Hollywood Bowl – instead of the actual Oscars venue – added an extra layer of comedic misfortune to Slate’s journey. Furthermore, she revealed that she had been holding her bladder the entire time, adding to the ordeal.

Her troubles didn’t end once she found the right location. As soon as she sat down, her dress split, a mishap she humorously referred to as her dress being “half-cracked.” The first award of the night was for Best Animated Feature, and Jenny’s movie was nominated. However, they didn’t win, allowing Jenny to avoid a potentially embarrassing walk on the stage with her dress in its compromised condition.

The Twist of the Night

Even though “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On,” didn’t win the Best Animated Feature award, another A24 movie starring Slate, “Everything Everywhere All At Once,” managed to take home the Best Picture award. The thrill of victory for her film came with a tinge of panic because it meant she had to go on stage, despite her “half-cracked” dress situation. Slate managed to handle the situation gracefully on stage and no one seemed to notice her dress mishap, not even the night’s host, Jimmy Kimmel.

Wrapping Up

Audiences often forget the effort and occasional comedy that happens behind the scenes of glamorous award ceremonies. Jenny Slate’s “half-cracked” dress saga is a perfect testament to this. Despite the wardrobe mishap, she handled the situation with grace and humor, proving why she’s a beloved figure in the industry. Looking forward, Slate continues her career with her new comedy special “Seasoned Professional” set to release on Amazon Prime on February 22nd. You may also like to follow our HitPlay movie schedule for 2024 to keep up with her upcoming projects.

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