‘The Office’ Actor Ewen MacIntosh, Known as Keith, Dies at 50

Ewen MacIntosh, a notable actor and comedian from Wales, best recognized for his comical performance as accountant Keith Bishop in the British series The Office, has tragically passed away at the age of 50. The cause of his passing remains undisclosed at the time of this report.

Tributes Pour In

Following the news of MacIntosh’s passing, Ricky Gervais, the creator of The Office, took to social media to express his emotions. He wrote, “The very funny and very lovely Ewen Macintosh, known to many as ‘Big Keith’ from The Office, has passed away. An absolute original. RIP.”

MacIntosh’s portrayal of Keith in The Office was highly appreciated by viewers, making Keith a beloved character for the audience. MacIntosh continued working with Gervais through their collaboration in the Netflix series, After Life. He also played roles in popular U.K. comedies like Miranda and Little Britain.

Big Keith’s Impact

MacIntosh’s remarkably deadpan performances, especially as Keith in The Office, rapidly gained popularity among viewers. One of his most memorable scenes involved him taking an enormous bite of a Scotch egg while conversing with Martin Freeman over a rather explicit subject matter.

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Beyond his television roles, MacIntosh also graced the silver screen. His role as a waiter in Yorgos Lanthimos’s film The Lobster, starring Colin Farrell and Olivia Colman, exemplifies this.

Remembering Ewen MacIntosh

Ed Scott, Macintosh’s good friend and CEO of DAB Music shared in a heartfelt message, “He may have had a famous face known by millions as Keith from The Office, but the person inside is what I will most remember.” Scott thanked the medical staff that cared for MacIntosh during his final days.

Scott further illuminated the generous character of the late actor stating, “Ewen was full of empathy, kindness, and integrity, and above all, a really good man. Sending love to his parents Sara and Ewen Sr, his brother Colin, his family, and his many friends and fans.”

Career And Early Life

Born in Merionethshire, Wales, MacIntosh studied linguistics at the University of Edinburgh. It was during his time there he discovered his passion for acting, getting involved with the Edinburgh University Theatre Company and improv troupe The Improverts.

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Wrapping Up

Ewen MacIntosh left a potent legacy behind in the world of comedy, most evidently through his role as the quirky accountant Keith in The Office. He certainly made lasting impressions that have firmly established his place in pop culture history. May his memory continue to bring smiles and laughter to those who knew him, and those who appreciated his work. Learn more about the magic of filmmaking and other film industry news at HitPlay.

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