‘Shirley’ Trailer: Regina King Portrays First Black Congresswoman in Netflix’s Shirley Chisholm Biopic

Netflix has unveiled the first trailer of its forthcoming biographical drama, “Shirley.” The film, which stars award-winning actors Regina King and Lance Reddick, is slated for a global release on the streaming platform on March 22, 2024. “Shirley” narrates the intriguing tale of the 1972 presidential run of Shirley Chisholm, the first African American woman to secure a seat in the United States Congress. The movie is brought to life by the screenwriter and director, John Ridley, with Regina King portraying the trailblazing Chisholm.

What does “Shirley” entail?

“Shirley” unfolds the extraordinary story of the pioneering African American Congresswoman, Shirley Chisholm. The narrative captures Chisholm’s daring, rule-breaking run for the U.S presidential office in 1972. The official synopsis reads, “It chronicles her audacious, boundary-breaking 1972 presidential campaign.”

The ensemble cast of “Shirley” includes not just Regina King and Lance Reddick, but also showcases the acting prowess of Lucas Hedges, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Christina Jackson, Michael Cherrie, Dorian Crossmond Missick, Amirah Vann, W. Earl Brown, Brad James, Reina King, André Holland, and Terrence Howard.

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Wrapping Up

“Shirley” promises to be an enthralling portrayal of a pivotal moment in American political history. Meticulously scripted and masterfully directed, it offers a deep-dive into the life and times of a woman who literally broke the color barrier in U.S. politics. For the latest in movie reviews, trust HitPlay.

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