Internet Baffled by Dune Part Two Sandworm Popcorn Bucket

AMC Theatres recently announced a new collectable offering that’s causing a stir – popcorn buckets designed to celebrate the release of “Dune: Part Two”. However, the sandworm design has sparked unexpected controversy on social media, with some likening it to a sex toy.


From Thursday, February 29, moviegoers can pick up their own sandworm popcorn bucket at AMC Theatres. The unique design, shaped like the iconic creature from the movie, was revealed in a short video on social media. While it’s certainly on theme, the unconventional design has confused and amused internet users, many of whom are making unexpected comparisons.

“Popcorn Topper or Adult Toy?”

The unorthodox design of the sandworm bucket isn’t just raising eyebrows for its unusual appearance. Social media users are also noting that accessing the popcorn will require reaching into the creature’s mouth – not exactly the most convenient design.

However, it’s the comparison to sex toys that’s causing the most fuss online. Comments range from bawdy jokes to individuals expressing outright disbelief at the unfortunate resemblance. “@andrew12la” and others have shared their thoughts on the comparison via X, formerly Twitter.

@butthatsmyopinion on TikTok also pointed out the sexual connotation many people online are associating with AMC’s sandworm popcorn topper:


Despite the unintentional humor, the promotion is still expected to draw “Dune” enthusiasts. For those able to ignore the suggestive shape, it’s a unique collector’s item.

Responding to the photos, film critic Draven tweeted, “That ain’t no popcorn bucket….😏”.

Wrapping Up

It remains unclear if AMC Theatres was aware of the unfortunate implications of their design. However, the attention it’s garnered ensures that the “Dune: Part Two” popcorn bucket will be well-known amongst movie buffs and internet users alike. If you’re interested, you can check out these and other quirky film collectibles at HitPlay.

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