Hulu Cancels Chris Estrada Comedy ‘This Fool’

The television series, This Fool, will no longer continue on Hulu, neatly wrapping up its tenure after the conclusion of its second season. The show, created by Chris Estrada, who also took on the leading role of Julio Lopez, was highly praised by critics but unfortunately failed to gather enough viewers to earn a third season. Despite this, Hulu is set to retain both seasons within its platform.

This Fool: A Slip in Audience Engagement

This Fool earned its spot on Hulu through the invention of Chris Estrada. He not only spearheaded its creation but also starred as the protagonist, Julio Lopez, a 30-year-old sharing his residence with his family while working at a gang rehab facility.

In spite of a rigorous marketing campaign by Hulu, the show was discontinued after its second season, which concluded in July 2023. Insiders divulge that despite rave reviews, the series struggled to garner enough viewers to warrant a third season.

Behind the Scenes

This Fool was brought to life by Disney’s ABC Signature. Besides Estrada, the executive production team included Jonathan Groff (Black-ish), Fred Armisen, Pat Bishop, Matt Ingebretson, and Jake Weisman. The vibrant cast included Frankie Quiñones, Michael Imperioli, Michelle Ortiz, Laura Patalano, Julia Vera, Fabian Alomar, and Sandra Hernandez.

In a candid conversation with TV’s Top 5, Estrada unveiled how the creators of Comedy Central’s Corporate came together to frame This Fool. The series was painted on the canvas of Estrada’s life set in South Central Los Angeles. This show aimed to offer a genuine portrayal of the Latino and Black community, steering clear of preconceived notions and stereotypes.

This Fool in Reviews

Despite its short run, This Fool managed to snag a coveted 100 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes, establishing its mark with the critics. THR TV critic Angie Han praised the series calling it “relaxed and humorous.”

The Impact of Cancellations

The decision to pull This Fool off the air was taken amidst a larger industry-wide squeeze on production following the popping of the ‘Peak TV’ bubble last year. As part of a programming scale-down, Hulu has retired several series, including The Great and How I Met Your Father.

Wrapping Up

In the light of the cancellation of This Fool and several other series, Hulu seems to be navigating towards a fresh programming strategy. Despite this, viewers can still access full episodes of This Fool on the platform. For more updates on your favorite TV shows, movies, and streaming platforms, don’t forget to visit HitPlay.

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