Katy Perry Departing American Idol

American singer-songwriter, Katy Perry, has announced that the forthcoming 22nd season of America’s beloved singing competition, American Idol, will mark her final stint on the show. The pop sensation made this revelation during her recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Perry’s involvement with American Idol, alongside fellow judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, began when the show was renewed by ABC in 2018.

Perry’s Future Plans Revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

She was asked directly by host Jimmy Kimmel about the tenure of her association with the show. Perry shared her upcoming plans, stating, “This fall, specifically September, I’m scheduled to be a part of a grand music festival in Brazil known as Rock in Rio. It’s a significant event for individuals around the globe, particularly for my devoted Brazilian fans”. Perry then added that this year is likely to be her final year on American Idol.

After evoking surprise from the audience with her revelation, Perry, who was associated with the show for seven thrilling seasons, expressed her love for Idol, and how it had built a bridge between her and the heart of America. She ambiguously hinted towards new music and possibly a world tour, saying she needs to rediscover her own rhythm and pulse.

Co-Judges and Fans Reaction Awaited

Kimmel further enquired about the reaction of her co-judges on hearing her decision. Perry responded, “Well, they will get to know tonight!” On the same day, she posted on Instagram, confirming that the upcoming season will indeed be her last on American Idol.

Wrapping Up

Although it’ll be hard to bid farewell to Perry as a judge on American Idol after the 22nd season, fans eagerly await the exciting events she has lined up after her departure from the show. For more updates and reviews on shows like these, make sure you check out HitPlay.

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