How Tom Holland Helped Zendaya Avoid a Speeding Ticket

Tom Holland and Zendaya, popularly known for his roles in the recent Spider-Man movies, have until now, maintained a low-key relationship. While there have been instances of them appearing together publically, these have not quashed the swirling rumors about their potential engagement. Lately, the couple has been more open about their relationship dynamics.

Zendaya shared a light-hearted episode with Holland during her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on a recent Thursday. She narrated an amusing incident about a casual brush they had with the law. This might seem like an indication of celebrities receiving preferential treatment.

Zendaya and Holland’s Encounter with the Law

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Zendaya stated, “Tom and I were rushing to a spin class… with my mother. I was not going to do the spin class. He was going to do the spin class ’cause I don’t do that. But we were going a little fast ’cause we were running late.”

The twist in the story came when they were flagged for speeding. The couple managed to evade the ticket as the officers recognized Holland from his Spider-Man fame. “They recognized that he was Spider-Man, and we were fine,” she humorously recounted, “We got a warning, and everything was OK.”

However, this anecdote shared by Holland should not be viewed as advice to use a celebrity persona to avoid traffic tickets.

Watch Zendaya’s full conversation about this incident on Jimmy Kimmel Live! below:

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‘Challengers’ Release Date

In other news related to Zendaya, her latest film titled Challengers is set to hit the theaters on April 26.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

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