Shane Gillis Returns to Host ‘SNL’ Two Years After Racial Slur Controversy

In a surprising turn of events, stand-up comedian Shane Gillis, who was previously fired from Saturday Night Live (SNL) in 2019 following a racial and homophobic slur controversy, has been announced as the show’s next host. This major news comes along with the announcement that artist 21 Savage will be the musical guest. Despite the previous scandal, Gillis was announced as the host during SNL’s show on February 3, along with host Ayo Edebiri.

Shane Gillis’ Controversial Past

Gillis had a short-lived career as a cast member of SNL in 2019, but his tenure was quickly cut short when he was caught using racial and homophobic slurs in a since-deleted video from his YouTube channel, Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast. In the controversial video, Gillis was caught mimicking a Chinese accent and making derogatory remarks about Chinatown, sparking an immediate backlash.

Repeated Offense Surfaces

Adding fuel to the fire, another podcast episode surfaced where Gillis and co-host Matt McCusker were recorded ranking comedians by race and using homophobic slurs. These incidents led to Gillis’ immediate termination, a decision that was supported by the SNL creator.

SNL’s Statement on Firing Gillis

At the time of Gillis’ firing in 2019, a representative for SNL creator Lorne Michaels released a statement, explaining the abrupt termination. The spokesperson noted that Shane’s remarks from the past were offensive, hurtful, and unacceptable. They admitted regret over not discovering these remarks earlier and apologized for the oversight in their vetting process.

Gillis Takes the SNL Stage Once Again

However, despite past controversies, Gillis was reintroduced on the SNL stage as host on February 3, sharing hosting duties with Ayo Edebiri. This has sparked fresh discussions regarding the comedian’s past incidents and whether the reintroduction is appropriate.

Wrapping Up

Shane Gillis’ return to SNL has been met with mixed reactions. While it signals a significant moment in the comedian’s career, it raises questions on how past transgressions impact a person’s career in the entertainment industry. For more updates on this, tune in to HitPlay.

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