Kim Kardashian to Produce, Star in BBC’s Elizabeth Taylor Doc Series

Oscar-winning production company Passion Pictures, recognised for works like “Searching for Sugar Man” and “Wham!”, has been engaged by BBC Arts to create a three-part documentary series focused on Elizabeth Taylor. The series is expected to provide exclusive insights into Taylor’s life and present an untold side of her story, with star get-ups like Kim Kardashian playing major roles in its production and presentation.

Bringing the Hollywood Legend to Life: Rebel Superstar

The project, named “Elizabeth Taylor: Rebel Superstar”, takes a fresh look at the life of one of Hollywood’s most iconic figures. The name Elizabeth Taylor is known to all, but this documentary series seeks to unravel the depths of the personality and talent that lay behind the fame.

Superstar. Business Mogul. Activist.

The documentary, under the experienced watch of executive producers Kari Lia, Hamish Fergusson, and Kim Kardashian, aims to provide an unprecedented access to the inner circle of Elizabeth Taylor, featuring interviews with her family members, close friends, and famous coworkers from her distinguished career. But, at its heart, the series focuses on Taylor’s journey from a child actor to the world’s highest-paid actress, capturing her multifaceted persona as an actor, rebel, business mogul, and humanitarian, contributing to the modern concept of stardom.

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Breaking the Stereotypes: The Real Elizabeth Taylor

As opposed to the sensationalisation of Taylor’s life, with an unending focus on her personal affairs and ostentatious lifestyle, this series promises to restore her narrative’s deserved significance. A closer look at Elizabeth Taylor, the actor, the courageous rule-breaker, the billion-dollar businesswoman, and the activist, will illustrate how she defied societal expectations to redefine fame and break challenging barriers in Hollywood.

Tracing Elizabeth’s Path: From Unseen Footage to Intimate Conversations

Featuring a treasure trove of never-heard recordings, exclusive interviews, and hidden television footage blended with a rich archive of her greatest cinematic moments, this series aspires to portray Elizabeth Taylor from a fresh perspective. Celebrity interviews feature personalities like Kim Kardashian, Dame Joan Collins, Margaret O’Brien, Carole Bayer Sager, Dr. Anthony Fauci, all of whom share personal anecdotes and experiences of their association with Taylor, providing a riveting narrative of her extraordinary life.

A Groundbreaking Legacy: Elizabeth Taylor Revisited

Kim Kardashian eloquently summed up the enthusiasm surrounding the forthcoming series by emphasizing Elizabeth Taylor’s unique ability to continually evolve and adapt throughout her life. Her iconic journey serves as a blueprint for those striving to carve out their unique paths in the world.

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High Expectations and Anticipation

Alistair Pegg, BBC’s commissioning editor, echoed similar sentiments, promising viewers a revamped understanding of Elizabeth Taylor’s extraordinary capabilities as an actor and her knack for self-reinvention. Fremantle will handle the international distribution of the series, anticipated to air in the U.K. on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer upon its completion.

Wrapping Up

This documentary promises to provide a fresh and comprehensive insight into the life and legacy of one of Hollywood’s greatest icons, Elizabeth Taylor. To keep updated with news on this and other major film releases and reviews, visit