John Oliver, Trevor Noah, Jordan Klepper React to Jon Stewart’s Return

Jon Stewart’s Return to “The Daily Show” Sending Ripples Through Pop Culture

As Jon Stewart gears up for his return to “The Daily Show” desk, fellow industry icons and fans alike are engaging in effusive discussions. In what is being touted as a monumental return, John Oliver, HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” host and former “Daily Show” correspondent, likened this comeback to NBA legend Michael Jordan’s return to the Chicago Bulls in 1995 post-retirement.

John Oliver’s Reaction

In a conversation with NBC’s Willie Geist, Oliver animatedly announced Stewart’s return, channeling the famous “Jordan’s back!” moment. The surprise news caught Oliver off-guard during the course of their interview. He acknowledged the need for a skilled host for the show, and Stewart’s return is indeed exciting news for all “Daily Show” enthusiasts.

Stewart’s Successors React

Oliver was not the only one happy about Stewart’s return. Trevor Noah, his successor and current “Daily Show” host, expressed his jubilation via social media with the caption, “Yesssss, he’s back,” along with five ‘raising hands’ emojis. Jordan Klepper, another correspondent, teased Stewart’s return, juxtaposing a welcome home message for Stewart on Instagram with a picture of Stewart back at his desk.

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Peers’ Response to Stewart’s Return

Another correspondent, Troy Iwata, posted a surprised Minion’s reaction to Stewart’s comeback, while Grace Kuhlenschmidt commemorated the occasion with the song “Stuck Like Glue” from Sugarland along with an image of Stewart. The excitement surrounding Stewart’s comeback amongst his colleagues is in no way surprising, considering his pivotal role in many of their careers.

Stewart’s Remarkable Influence on “The Daily Show”

Stewart’s tenure at “The Daily Show” was marked by close bonds with his team of correspondents and a guaranteed springboard into the limelight. John Oliver, Samantha Bee, Hasan Minhaj, and Stephen Colbert all landed their own late night shows post their stint with Stewart. Names like Steve Carell, Ed Helms, Rob Riggle, Jason Jones, Josh Gad, Al Madrigal, Larry Wilmore, and Wyatt Cenac also have their successful “Daily Show” runs to credit for their successful careers.

Stewart’s Emotional Farewell and Anticipated Return

Stewart’s final show as the host of “The Daily Show” in August 2015 saw an emotional farewell from the entire team. His return to the desk is eagerly looked forward to by both peers and audience alike, making it a significant moment in television history.

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Wrapping Up

As Jon Stewart’s return to “The Daily Show” nears, the anticipation and elation among fans and peers grow. His influence on the show and the many careers he helped catapult is a testament to his towering stature in the industry. Catch up on all the action over at