Stranger Things Fans Criticize Noah Schnapp Following Apology Video


  • The young actor, Noah Schnapp from Stranger Things, is facing a backlash and calls for termination due to his previous comments about the Israel-Hamas conflict. He issued an apology through a video message.
  • In his apology, Schnapp emphasized that he’s been misunderstood regarding his stance and shared his talk with his Palestinian friends who also hope for peace.
  • Despite his insistence on expressing his sincere thoughts, fans continue to question his motives, suggesting that his apology is a preventive measure against his potential dismissal from the final season of Stranger Things.

Noah Schnapp of ‘Stranger Things’; A Controversial Apology Stirs Up the Audience

Noah Schnapp, recognized for his character Will Byers from Stranger Things, has stirred up controversy due to a recently posted apology video highlighting his earlier statements regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict. This controversy has reached a point where fans are demanding his termination from the series and even seeking for him to be put on the blacklist of the entertainment industry. Amidst it all, Schnapp is currently involved in the production of the final season of the much-adored Netflix series, Stranger Things.

Schnapp used TikTok as his platform to apologize, where he expressed his feelings and clarified his stance:

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“I feel like my thoughts and beliefs have been misconstrued from anything even close to what I believe, and I wanted to state my emotions from my heart directly,” he stressed.

Jewish-American actor Schnapp argued that he’s had substantial discussions with his friends with Palestinian backgrounds, and admitted that they all hope for the same thing – peace.

Fallout from Schnapp’s Controversial Stance: A Look at the Backlash

Last year, Schnapp, made a divisive social media post suggesting, “You either stand with Israel or you stand with terrorism”. This endorsement of Israel led to a loss of almost 500,000 followers and further discomfort after reportedly approving an Instagram video showing “pro-Hamas college students”. The controversy escalated after a video emerged where Schnapp is seen surrounded by friends holding controversial stickers bearing the slogans, “Zionism is sexy,” and “Hamas is Isis”.

Fans React to Noah Schnapp’s Apology Video: From Backlash to Support

Despite Schnapp’s apology through his TikTok video and his clarifications, he continues to face backlash from online fans who view his apology as a desperate attempt to save his job in Stranger Things. This situation has led to an explosion of comments and tweets labeling his apology as insincere.

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Nevertheless, not everyone believes Schnapp should have his career derailed for his controversial comments. Some online users have defended his expressive right, acknowledging, “It is complicated to give an opinion on these issues.” Besides the online support, Schnapp has also received encouraging words from his Stranger Things co-star, Brett Gelman, who commendably defended him, saying, “I saw nothing wrong with what he originally said.”

So far, despite the controversy, Noah Schnapp remains a part of the Stranger Things cast and the final season is going ahead as per the schedule. The last episode will notably highlight Schnapp’s character Will Byers, according to Ross Duffer, the co-creator of the show. Netflix has yet to comment on this matter.

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