Jurassic Park’s Age Gap Between Ellie & Alan Was Inappropriate, Says Dern

Laura Dern, the actor behind Ellie Sattler in the iconic film “Jurassic Park,” recently called the age gap between her character and Alan Grant, played by Sam Neill, “completely inappropriate.” The realization dawned on Dern after reading an article discussing the cultural shift in awareness of patriarchal dynamics in the film industry. This commentary sheds light on a problematic aspect of a film that, while celebrated for its groundbreaking visual effects and storytelling, also reflected the less scrutinized norms of its time.

The Age Gap Issue in Jurassic Park

In “Jurassic Park,” released in 1993, Ellie and Alan were portrayed as a couple. Dern was 23 during the filming, while Neill was 43, a 20-year age difference. This disparity wasn’t apparent to Dern until later, highlighting how cultural perceptions have evolved. The script described Ellie as being in her late 20s and Alan in his mid-30s, but the actors’ real ages showed a greater gap. This discrepancy, overlooked at the time, is now viewed through a lens critical of patriarchal dynamics in Hollywood.

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Revisiting the Characters in Jurassic World: Dominion

Despite the age gap, “Jurassic World: Dominion” (2022) revisited the romance between Ellie and Alan. At the time of filming, Dern and Neill were 55 and 74, respectively. While the age difference seemed less pronounced due to the actors’ older ages, it’s noteworthy that the characters’ relationship, initiated in the 1993 film, began under different societal norms. Dern’s remarks remind us that even beloved classics like “Jurassic Park” can have elements that would be questioned by today’s standards.


Laura Dern’s reflection on the age gap between her character and Alan Grant in “Jurassic Park” offers an insightful perspective on the evolution of societal awareness. It underscores the importance of examining past media through a contemporary lens, recognizing both its achievements and its shortcomings.

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