Jonathan Majors Dropped from Dennis Rodman Film, ’48 Hours in Vegas’

Jonathan Majors, known for his roles in various high-profile films, has been released from the upcoming Dennis Rodman biopic ’48 Hours in Vegas’. This development comes as the film’s initial backer, Lionsgate, has decided to discontinue its involvement in the project. The film’s production company, Lord Miller, will now seek new buyers for the film. Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, and Aditya Sood remain attached to the project as producers. This news was initially reported by CNN.

Background on the Film and Majors’ Role

’48 Hours in Vegas’ is a script penned by Jordan VanDina, focusing on the life of Chicago Bulls forward Dennis Rodman. The film was set to explore Rodman’s famed trip to Las Vegas during the intense 1998 NBA Finals. Rodman, a 2011 NBA Hall of Fame inductee, is well-known for his vibrant personality and unconventional style, highlighted in the 2020 ESPN docuseries ‘The Last Dance’. Jonathan Majors, in anticipation of his role in ’48 Hours in Vegas’, expressed his dedication to the character in past interviews, including plans to meet with Rodman himself.

Legal Challenges and Career Impacts for Majors

The decision to drop Majors follows a recent conviction on assault and harassment charges involving his ex-partner Grace Jabbari. The actor faces a sentencing on February 6. Following his conviction in December, Disney also severed ties with Majors, removing him from his role as Kang the Conqueror in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Additionally, ‘Magazine Dreams’, a film featuring Majors that was celebrated at the Sundance Film Festival, is now reportedly unlikely to be released by Searchlight.

Future Prospects for ’48 Hours in Vegas’

As ’48 Hours in Vegas’ seeks new potential buyers, the project’s future remains uncertain. The film’s script, centered around Rodman’s iconic Las Vegas visit, presents an intriguing narrative set against the backdrop of the 1998 NBA Finals. The departure of Majors and Lionsgate marks a significant shift in the movie’s trajectory, potentially attracting new talent and backers who can bring a fresh perspective to the story.

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