Amber Heard’s Instagram Post on “Aquaman 2”: A Look at Behind-the-Scenes Support

Amber Heard recently took to Instagram to express gratitude towards her fans for their unwavering support and affection, as she reprised her role as Mera in “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”. This gesture comes against the backdrop of her contentious legal battle with Johnny Depp, where she asserted that Warner Bros. had reservations about her involvement in the sequel. She attributed the reduction of her role and the elimination of certain action scenes to the fallout from her divorce with Depp.

The Sequel’s Journey and Performance

Heard’s Instagram post highlighted her continued involvement in the “Aquaman” franchise, despite the legal controversies and reduced press involvement. Notably, other stars of the film, including Nicole Kidman and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, also maintained a low profile in terms of media appearances for this sequel. The film’s box office performance, however, didn’t mirror the success of its predecessor, garnering around $81 million in North America since its release on December 20. This is a stark contrast to the first “Aquaman”, which grossed over $1 billion globally.

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Directorial Perspective and Cast Dynamics

Director James Wan provided insights into the narrative focus of “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”. He clarified that unlike the first film, which centered around Arthur and Mera’s journey, the sequel was always intended to spotlight the relationship between Arthur and his half-brother, Orm, portrayed by Patrick Wilson. Wan described the first film as a romantic action-adventure, while the sequel took a turn towards a “bromance” theme.

Controversially, a few weeks prior to the sequel’s release, Variety reported allegations of Jason Momoa impersonating Depp on set and rumors of him advocating for Heard’s removal from the film. Additionally, notes from Heard’s therapist suggested that she felt a lack of support from Wan during the filming process.

Current Status

“Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”, produced by Warner Bros., is currently screening in theaters across the nation.

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