Leonardo DiCaprio’s Secret Next Project Sparks a Lot of Buzz

Hollywood heavyweight Leonardo DiCaprio is notorious for selecting only top-tier directors for his roles. Despite being tight-lipped about specifics, he revealed to Deadline that his next project is already in the pipeline.

“I have one but I don’t think I’m allowed to discuss it. I want to but I don’t think I’m allowed. I would love to give you a scoop, but I can’t,” said DiCaprio.

Who Will Be In The Director’s Chair?

Although he’s keeping mum, the rumor mill suggests that either Quentin Tarantino or Paul Thomas Anderson could be helming his next gig. Known for working repeatedly with stellar directors, DiCaprio has teamed up with Tarantino twice, leaving cinema enthusiasts buzzing about a possible collaboration with Anderson.

A Stellar Roll Call of Directors

Over an impressive 30-year career, DiCaprio’s worked under acclaimed auteurs like Scorsese (6x), Spielberg, Nolan, Eastwood, Cameron, Inarritu, Luhrmann (2x), Allen, Mendes, Scott, and Boyle. Anderson remains a prominent filmmaker DiCaprio has yet to partner with – making him a potentially exciting addition to the resume.

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What’s Next In DiCaprio’s Stellar Career?

With Leonardo DiCaprio’s penchant for A-list directors, it may not be long before an Anderson-DiCaprio project graces our cinema screens. Only time will tell the truth about the next chapter in DiCaprio’s star-studded career.

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