Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale Are Set to Reunite in ‘Best of Enemies’

There’s some stirring buzz from Jeff Sneider’s hardwood-floored media corner, and it’s not quiet. Hollywood heavyweights Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale are in advanced discussions to star in the forthcoming movie adaptation of Gus Russo and Eric Dezenhall’s book “Best of Enemies: The Last Great Spy Story of the Cold War.”

A Cold War Tale Soon on the Big Screen

The script is currently being penned by Eric Warren Singer of “American Hustle” fame, and the project is garnering interest from big streamers. As of now, Netflix and Apple appear to be in pole position to secure this cinematic venture. Interestingly, the grapevine suggests that Cooper might call the shots from the director’s chair.

More than a Spy Game

A look at the plot offers a fascinating glimpse into a Cold War tale. It’s the sublime story of two Cold War intelligence operatives — CIA’s Jack Platt (rumored to be played by Cooper) and KGB’s Gennady Vasilenko (speculated to be Bale’s role). Despite the tense geopolitical standoff, these two spymasters evolve an unusual bond and join forces to unveil espionage mysteries including the outing of the notorious Soviet mole, Robert Hanssen.

Will Robert De Niro join the Cast?

There’s also a scintillating probability of Robert De Niro hopping onboard this project. De Niro, who openly expressed discontent over Gennady’s incarceration, previously sent a Christmas card to him in prison containing a photo, which hugely impacted his prison life.

Cooper’s Cinematic Journeys Continue

Cooper is riding high on accolades following the success of “Maestro.” He was the film’s writer, director, and lead actor. Following a limited theatrical release, this Netflix production is slated to stream on the platform from December 20th. There’s also a whisper in the air that his next venture might be a pivot to the lead role in Steven Spielberg’s “Bullitt” reboot.

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