‘Tim Allen Was Such a Bitch’ on ‘The Santa Clauses’ Set, Says Casey Wilson

The Santa Clauses star Casey Wilson recently opened up about her truly unpleasant experience working with co-star Tim Allen. On her Bitch Sesh podcast, Wilson didn’t hold back, noting this to be her “single worst experience ever with a co-star.”

Wilson vividly details her interaction with Allen, noting his constant rudeness, avoidance of eye contact, and creating a general atmosphere that had everyone on set tiptoeing around him. The tension reached a point where Allen complained about Wilson overlapping his lines, creating an awkward moment with the producer.

“Tim Allen was such a b—h…So I’m throwing things at him…[He] goes over to the producer…and says ‘You gotta tell her to stop stepping on my lines.’ The producer…turns to me and he goes, ‘Um, Tim would ask that you stop stepping on his lines.’”

Despite her roles in Saturday Night Live, Happy Endings, and The Shrink Next Door, Wilson had not previously publicly discussed her experience with Allen. She noted that she has a great friendship with a producer on The Santa Clauses, and her family’s love for the movies had kept her silent until now.

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‘Walking on Eggshells’ on The Santa Clauses Set

The tension didn’t stop there. Wilson further shared that the set was always frantic, and everyone was “walking on eggshells” around Allen.

“He was so f—ing rude. Never made eye contact, never said anything. It was so uncomfortable.”

According to Wilson, Allen would leave sets abruptly, leaving others to pick up his Santa coat. A crew member reportedly told Wilson, ‘You’re seeing him on a good day.‘, implying that what she had experienced was Allen at his best.

“It’s the end, and Tim Allen goes, ‘Leaving!,’ takes his Santa cape, picks it up and drops it on the floor and walks out. People are scurrying to pick up his velvet Santa coat. He’s a bitch…”

Allen’s representatives have yet to respond to Wilson’s statements.

In The Santa Clauses, Allen reprises his role as Scott Calvin, aka Santa Claus, from the original Santa Clause franchise. With his 64th birthday coming up, Calvin realizes he can’t forever jingle in Santa’s boots. Now, he embarks on a quest to find a new Santa while preparing his family for a non-polar life.

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If you’re feeling festive, find The Santa Clauses streaming now on Disney+. Here’s a peek at the Season Two trailer:

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