Eli Roth Wants ‘Hostel’ and ‘Cabin Fever’ Sequels

Eminent horror director Eli Roth is ready to take fans back to the gruesome worlds of the Hostel and Cabin Fever franchises with proposed new installments. Not only does he have fresh plotlines in mind, but Roth personally wants to direct the sequels, maintaining his authentic connection to these horror classics. Considering the commercial success of the original entries, the likelihood of additional chapters, given Roth’s commitment, is high.

“Hostel, there’s a lot more to do. I’d love to go back to Hostel at some point. And Cabin Fever, as well. They’re a part of me. They’re like my children. I feel like I’ve ignored them for too long. And I’d love to go back to them in some way. I have ideas.”

He also affirmed his desire to helm the projects personally, not wanting to pass on the reins.

“I would direct it. I don’t want it in anyone else’s hands.”

Recalling the “Hostel” and “Cabin Fever” Origins

The original Hostel movie debuted in 2005, establishing itself as a prominent member of the “torture porn” subgenre together with other flicks like Saw. The storyline revolves around American tourists waylaid in Slovakia by an ominous organization that facilitates torturous executions for amusement. Its sequel followed with a similar narrative in 2007, leading to box office success despite diverse critics’ opinions. Though a third movie was released in 2011, Roth did not participate in its creation.

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Cabin Fever also had a distinctive journey in the horror cinema realm, starting with Roth’s first film in 2002, followed by an exact remake in 2016. The movie covers the terrifying experiences of a group of friends in an isolated cabin, plagued by an infectious, flesh-eating disease. Despite several sequels between the original and the remake, Roth remained uninvolved.

Proposition for an Easter Bunny Horror Flick

Continuing his horror cinematic ventures, Eli Roth has revealed an idea of a horrific Easter Bunny story that will complement his holiday horror film, Thanksgiving.

“Well, I had such a great time with Thanksgiving, it’s hard to think of another one, but I do feel like there’s a great killer Easter bunny movie out there.”

Working on “Thanksgiving” Sequel

Currently, Roth is preparing to follow up the success of the first Thanksgiving, with a sequel confirmed to be in progress.

“John Carver will kill again! @thanksgivingmovie sequel is a GO!!! Thank you everyone who supported ORIGINAL HORROR in theaters!!! Go see it now on the big screen while it’s in cinemas, sequel set for release in 2025! Taking a year to really get the script right, working on it starting today!”

Mark your calendars, as Thanksgiving 2 is slated for a 2025 release. In the meantime, check out the tantalizing Thanksgiving trailer below:

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