Marvel Star Transforms into Donald Trump for Upcoming Film ‘The Apprentice’

Get ready, because filmmaking is about to make a bold statement. This time helmed by gifted director Ali Abassi of “Holy Spider” fame, he’s caught the attention of movie-goers with his new project – a Donald Trump biopic.

First Look at ‘The Apprentice’

Our first glimpse into the making of this film has landed, thanks to The New York Post. Marvel actor Sebastian Stan, stepping into the shoes (and hair) of Donald Trump, was spotted in Toronto sporting the iconic and unmissable sandy blond locks of the former president.

Powerful Cast of ‘The Apprentice’

“The Apprentice,” rumored to possibly have had a name change to “The Student,” started production on November 29th. This highly-anticipated 2024 film also stars Maria Bakalova as Ivana Trump and Jeremy Strong portraying the notorious lawyer Roy Cohn.

Speaking of Roy Cohn, he was a man who sported one of the seediest reputations, albeit fascinating. A film about Cohn could have been just as intriguing, if not more. But, that’s a chat for another day.

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Focus of ‘The Apprentice’

“The Apprentice” will chart Trump’s life from his adventurous twenties to his late thirties, examining his ambitious quest to establish his real estate empire in New York through the ’70s and ’80s, and his complex relationship with the infamous attorney, Roy Cohn.

‘The Apprentice’: Official Synopsis

An exploration of power and ambition set in a world of corruption and deceit. This mentor-protege narrative charts the origins of an American dynasty. Loaded with larger-than-life personas, it uncovers the moral and human cost of a societal framework defined by the dichotomy of winners and losers.

Film Premiere and Expectation

Aiming for a grand premiere at Cannes next May, Abassi’s mission, given his past Croisette award-winning record, makes “The Apprentice” one of the most waitlisted movies of 2024. Let’s be real—we’re all wanting a sneak peak, right?

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