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Weekly Shots: Wes Anderson Charms, The Golden Bachelor Starts, and Gen V is Smashing Through

Welcome to Weekly Shots, your curated weekly feature where we handpick movies and TV shows just for you. Whether you're into superheroes, dating shows,...

Weekly Shots: Unmissable Movies and TV Shows to Stream Right Now

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Shots, your curated guide to the most compelling movies and TV shows this week. Grab your remote and...

Weekly Shots: Barbie, The Morning Show and Demonic Possessions

Dive into the world of cinema and television with "Weekly Shots" – your curated guide to the week's most compelling movies and TV shows....

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Understanding Rosita’s death in The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead, known for its iconic ensemble of characters, has given us another heart-wrenching goodbye. Beloved character, Rosita Espinosa, played by Christian Serratos...

Walking Dead creator explains Daryl Dixon’s comic absence

Robert Kirkman's comic book series The Walking Dead with its post-apocalypse narrative, has long garnered the attention of readers worldwide. Interestingly, the popular characters...

Oceangate Implosion Tragedy to be Adapted into a Movie

In what seems to be the speediness of Hollywood's movie production, MindRiot Entertainment is working hard on a new project. This film is inspired...