Quentin Dupieux’s reveals batshit crazy take on superheroes

Evil, decides to annihilate planet Earth.

Are you ready to be taken on a wild ride? Filmmaker Quentin Dupieux brings you the outrageous comedy, “Smoking Causes Coughing,” starring Gilles Lellouche, Anaïs Demoustier, Vincent Lacoste, Jean-Pascal Zadi, and Oulaya Amamra. In this zany film, Dupieux takes the classic superhero trope and turns it on its head with the Tobacco Force, a group of crime-fighting Power Rangers-esque characters who must battle the evil Lézardin, Emperor of Evil, who is determined to destroy Earth.

Featuring Dupieux’s signature absurdist style, “Smoking Causes Coughing” is a hilariously ridiculous film that will have you in stitches. Dupieux is no stranger to absurdist comedy, having directed “Rubber,” “Mandibles,” “Deerskin,” and “Keep an Eye Out.” If you haven’t seen any of these films, we highly recommend you check them out.

“Smoking Causes Coughing” will be available in select theaters and VOD on March 31. You can watch the trailer now.