“Five Nights at Freddy’s” Rakes in Record-Breaking Start only to Plunge

In a surprising turn of events, “Five Nights at Freddy’s” produced by Blumhouse and Universal, pulled off a record-breaking $80 million on its opening weekend against a modest $20 million budget. However, the film’s impressive start didn’t seem to hold for long.

What Went Wrong?

As shocking as it may seem, the movie experienced a dramatic slump in its second weekend, with its revenue nosediving nearly 80% to an estimated $17 million. The premise of a movie being front-loaded isn’t unheard of, but it does leave room for speculation: Did unfavorable reviews contribute to this precipitous fall? It’s hard to say.

Streaming or Cinema?

The simultaneous streaming release of the film on Peacock two weeks prior to its theatrical opening may not have been the wisest of business decisions. Add to that the widespread leaking on various unauthorized download sites, and one can’t help question the amount of revenue lost in what seems like a risky gamble by Universal. But was it all doom and gloom?

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Pros Amid the Cons

Surprisingly, not entirely. Despite the massive drop in cinema takings, “Five Nights at Freddy’s” saw an upshot on the digital platform, becoming the most-watched movie or TV show in the history of the Peacock streaming service. This boosted Peacock’s brand visibility, and the film’s producers still made a hefty return on their investment. It seems like a silver lining amid the stormy clouds.

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