New Twist in Jonathan Majors Case: Accuser Grace Jabbari Expected to Be Arrested

The Latest Turn of Events

In a significant development, Grace Jabbari, who accused Marvel actor Jonathan Majors of domestic violence, is expected to be arrested on misdemeanor assault charges. This comes as part of Majors’ cross-complaint against her. However, prosecutors have indicated that they will drop the NYPD’s charges against Jabbari.

The Backstory

Both Jabbari’s original case against Majors and Majors’ recent accusations against her stem from an altercation that took place in March 2023 on a Chinatown, Manhattan, street corner. Jabbari initially claimed that Majors twisted and broke her finger and bloodied her ear. Majors countered these allegations in a June police complaint, stating that Jabbari was the aggressor and that she was uninjured in the hours following the dispute.

Legal Complications

Majors’ lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, has accused the Manhattan District Attorney’s office of failing to include evidence against Jabbari in the case files. Chaudhry also alleged that prosecutors ignored Jabbari’s theft of Majors’ “Rolex vintage watch and other luxury items” valued between $6,000 and $7,000. Manhattan prosecutor Erin Tierney clarified that the DA’s office would not prosecute Jabbari even if the NYPD brought charges against her.

What’s Next?

Jabbari had initially planned to turn herself in to the 10th Precinct stationhouse in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood but is now expected to do so sometime on Wednesday. She will likely be released without having to undergo formal “booking,” receiving a summons that cites her charges—criminal mischief and misdemeanor assault.

The Text Message That Sparked the Dispute

A new detail has emerged concerning the text message that ignited the March dispute between Majors and Jabbari. The text read, “I wish I was kissing you right now,” but the sender has not been identified. This revelation adds another layer to an already complex case.

Final Thoughts

As the case continues to unfold, it’s essential to remember that these are allegations, and both parties are innocent until proven guilty. The upcoming court hearings will be crucial in determining the truth behind these serious allegations.

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